Clown Trigger Fish – How to care for the Giant Clown Triggerfish

The clown triggerfish is one particular of the a lot more well-known members of the triggerfish household. It is not only massive, but exceptionally aggressive. They are offered the scientific name Balistoides Conspicillum as well as are frequently found in the oceans of the Indo-Pacific.

Its decrease physique is complete off white patches white most of its physique is a full black. It is further highlighted by locations which are colored yellow. It has a massive head that tends to make as a lot as 1/3 of its total physique length.

In their organic habitats, clown triggerfish can reach a length of a whopping 1 as properly as a half feet in length. They are identified for becoming extremely territorial as well as will guard their space assertively.

Owing to their massive size, they really need an tank no smaller than a 200 gallon aquarium. Anything smaller along with it will outgrow it sooner or later. Decide on other huge plus aggressive tank mates when choosing aquarium mates.

Some very good options when dealing with aquarium mates are lionfish, moral eels, snappers, groupers along with massive angelfish along with surgeonfish. Clown triggerfish will probably eat smaller fish along with crustaceans. At times, they will move the aquariums live rock around to suit their demands. So do not be taken aback to locate your rock scape looks a bit various the subsequent day.

In the wild, clown triggerfish are strictly carnivores. Their diet regime consists of a range of crustaceans as nicely as sea urchins. They possess potent jaws that allow them to crack the exoskeleton of most crustaceans. Never count on to residence crustaceans with them fruitfully.

They need to have meaty items such as freshly chopped fish meat, shrimp, scallops along with frozen foods like mysis shrimp. With correct education, they will consume dry pellet meals. New life spectrum offers pellets of an proper size plus nutrition for massive carnivores such as these. New Life spectrum tends to make pellets for a wide diversity of fishes which includes giants like the Clown Triggerfish.

Overall, this is a gorgeous fish that needs large amounts of space as properly as cautious choice of tank mates to do effectively. They are fairly hardy in addition to do nicely in captivity.
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