Coach Websites Number 2 – How to Go From Less Than One Client a Month to Dozens

This is the 2nd article in the series Coach Websites Attract Fewer Than One New Client a Month — How to Get Dozens With Yours.

In this article we are going to continue the thought of how you can increase the conversion rate of your website. When most websites get less than 0.1% of the incoming traffic doing what they wanted, signing up, calling, buying, or something else, you should be shooting for somewhere between 5% and 10% on a regular website page, or as high as 30-60% on a squeeze page.

I made a statement in that last article that I know will cause some to question my numbers, but they are true. I said that it’s possible to get 50 times more customers and some question if that’s possible. But, if you are indeed getting less than 0.1% conversion on your website, and move to just 5%, that is 50 times more than before. In fact many web pages are getting well less than 0.1% meaning the numbers are even higher.

One of my questions in the last article was “how many people do you get to your website monthly?” and most answered ZERO. Well if you even got 1 new client a month 1 divided by zero is an infinite gain. so, dont’ scoff at the numbers, they are true.

So, let’s dive in and increase your web page conversion quite a few times from where you are.

Biggest Mistake Made in Almost ALL Web Page

Marketing SHOULD be all about the reader’s issues, not yours, not your name, your company name, your products, or your services. Does that surprise you?

What do you see at the very top of almost EVERY website? And probably at the top of yours. Usually a company name, logo, banner, that’s all about YOU right?

Successful marketing starts off by GETTING ATTENTION of the reader. Just imagine that if it doesn’t literally reach out and grab eyeballs, sucking them into the page that more eyeballs will stop reading and leave than stop, and start reading the rest of the page.

What stops your prospect dead in his tracks and gets his attention is not your name or company name, he doesn’t have a clue what you do or why. It’s plain meaningless to him. In fact, your reader has been trained to ignore all SALES information as B.S and very likely just hype. He’s been conditioned all of his life to AVOID that stuff. But he IS looking hard for the answers to his problems. That’s why he’s scanning page after page after page of internet junk until he finds one or two with some real value. And what would signal to him that THIS ONE is VALUABLE, that he’d better stop on this one and start reading?

Do this, right at the top of your page and watch as the number of people who whipped right on by start to stop and start reading (but that’s only the first step, we’ve got to keep them reading, and then finally sign up, call you, buy, or do something else you wanted the reader to do).

Imagine that at every step throughout your site you are capturing a percentage of every reader that passes by this point. Some like what you said RIGHT HERE, and some don’t. A percentage continue on to the rest of your website, and a percentage go away RIGHT HERE and stop reading.

So, if we divided up your website into several sections, let’s say 4, and only 50% of the people continued on from here and 50% stopped reading right here, then by the time you got to the bottom of your website the results might look something like this.

Section 1 –> Section –> Section 3 –> Section 4 –> Those that do what you want them to do

50% x 50% x 50$ X 50% –> only 6% of those that started even get a chance to read what you are going to ask them to do, and if you got 50% of those, that would be 3%.

But let’s say that what you say and how you say it just doesn’t grab many. You start off at the top saying something like your company name that no one understands whether that can help him or not. If you drop down to 10% right there you’ll get only 0.6% coming out the other end. And, frankly, if you’ve been talking about yourself at the top, it’s likely that you’ve been talking about your credibility, your coaching certifications, your education, your experience throughout the website. In other words every step is losing more than it’s gaining if you don’t tell them what they might get from you, the results, and the value of those results.

If you drop to 10% at each step it looks like this

10% x 10% x 10% x 10% –> .001% that get to even see what you are going to ask them to do, and if you get 10% there, then the result of that webpage is that .0001% will actually call you or sign up, or whatever it is you want them to do.

I hope I impressed you with how important it is to stop talking about you, and why MOST coaching websites don’t work. So, let’s move on with the steps to DO IT RIGHT.

First to get attention, to get them to START reading the page (step one in that chain of what percentage you get to keep reading or lose RIGHT HERE.


1) Call out to them by name RIGHT at the top. Imagine if you were in a crowd and someone said right to you “Hey You!” Wouldn’t that get your attention. You’d stop right there, and start listening to what they were going to say next. If your marketing doesn’t do that, nothing said later in that crowd would be heard.

Call out to them, with a “Hey You!”. Call out to them by naming them in some way. It can be by industry, it can be by demographics, by what kind of pain or struggles they are having. just call out to them. Even a “Hey You” is better than putting your company name at the top.

Just call out by name:

Small business owners . . .
Are you struggling with ________________
Marriage on the rocks?
Teens struggling with school, the love of their life
Business owners struggling with this recession
Coaches that don’t have enough clients

2) Follow that up with a problem, solution, value of that solution headline. You’ve got their attention now, they are just starting to show interest by checking you out further. Believe me, just that first step will increase your website results significantly. From using your company name at the top to calling out to them by name or problem they struggle with you probably moved from less than 1% that STOP and start reading to 10% to 50%, depending on how well you connect with them. I could show you how to do that, but that’s almost a book in itself.

Just realize that you have already moved from 1% or less to 10% or more, and that’s 10 times more than you had before with just this one step. So, let’s keep doing that at every step throughout the website.

The headline is a part of that ATTENTION Getting step right at the top. You’ve only started by calling Hey You to them. Now they are reading, but we’ve got to tell them why they should read the rest. The headline tells them, “Now that I’ve got your attention, WHY read the rest.”

Use headlines that talk about

THEIR problem
What is the VALUE of the solution they’ll discover IF they read further.

You might have already included their problem in the Hey You statement or you might not have. But we have to have it at the top so that the reader who is actually looking for a solution to a specific problem knows that this web page has an answer to this problem. Or he’ll be gone within 3 seconds. They flip onto a page and off within 3 seconds. What you say and how you say it had better be there to answer his one question, Does this web page have the answer to my problem.

Let me ask a simple question. Does your name at the top answer that question?

Even if your company name IMPLIES that answer it’s a weak attempt and could lose more than a much more clear and powerful statement or question that targets your reader.

Don’t assume that a company name like Top Sales Consultants, or Super Sales Coach will necessarily call out to your reader (it doesn’t) or tell them you have a solution. A Hey You statement and headline like this will work MUCH better.

Coaches Struggling to get more clients . . . LOTS More

How to Get 5-10 Times More clients in 4 Weeks or Less

How much better is that ATTENTION GETTER than a company name at the top? Does that stop you dead in your tracks and gets you to read? So, what’s at the top of your coaching website? Your company name . . . change it now. Or something that says “Home Page” or “Welcome”? Get them off and put a POWERFUL attention getter at the top.

Keep in mind if one approach gets you 10% and the other gets you 50% you still got 5 times more clients, and if you keep doing 10% x 10% x 10% x10% that’s .001% coming out the bottom. This is all about tweaking this to get you the most at every step.

10% x 10% x 10% x10% = .001%
50% x 50% x 50% x 50% = 6%
And the difference is 6%/.001% = 1000 times more clients.

I am not exaggerating that 50 times more clients than before you started can be achieved, depending on where you started.

We’ve only begun to touch the surface. We’ve touched on the first step of 4 or more steps through your your first web page.

Be sure to look for the next article in the series on Coach Websites– How to Go From Less Than One Client a Month to Dozens

Maybe I should have named this “How to Get 1000 times more clients with your coaching website.” That’s an attention getter. But, then again, some things appear almost too good to be true, and then aren’t believed. But, you do now don’t you?

If you haven’t read the first article in this series read Coach Websites Attract Fewer Than one New Client a Month — How to Get Dozens with yours,