Coca-cola Should Be Open To New Packaging Costs – Coca-cola, Coca-cola New Packaging – Food Industry

Coca-Cola “Shrink”. Recently, careful consumers can find the supermarket canned delicious Coke For the new packaging, capacity from 355 ml into a 330 ml, the price has remained unchanged. Have a consumer question: price change, shrinking capacity, operator price increases in disguise, right?

Response to this question, Chongqing Coca-Cola Company, Head of External Affairs denied “disguised price hikes,” one said, she explained, “renewal package is to protect the environment, with the ‘green Olympics ‘The theme of the package before the pull ring and the tank can be separated, and the new packaging on the pull ring connected to the tank opened and after, to avoid environmental pollution. “According to this view, Coca-Cola” shrunk “but the main reason for replacement of a new green environment-friendly packaging. But even so, it is estimated that the answer to the people is still at a loss.

Use the original packaging of Coca-Cola, 355 ml price of 1.9 yuan installed, if replaced by the current environment friendly packaging, the only costumes, 330 ml, but the price is still 1.9 yuan, the two, the new packaging rather 7.5% in prices. Then there are three cases here. First, the cost of replacement if the package is equal to just 7.5% this up high, then the equivalent of businesses to transfer the cost of environmental protection to the consumer’s head. It stands to reason, introduction of environment-friendly green consumer goods is the responsibility of business, but this cost must be borne by consumers are not. As a consumer, should bear their own should enjoy the price of consumer goods, not green manufacturers should take responsibility for the shift, this shift to environmental responsibility all the way to consumers, although the surface is the business environment sense of social responsibility such as the return, in fact it is the rights of consumers to pay for their return to duty. Second, the cost of replacement if the package falls far short of the high rise of 7.5% of the space, then the high price of such acts, in essence, is equivalent to the use of social responsibility to make a profit, expanding profit margins, which is not only a breach of business ethics , but it is a breach of the relevant provisions of the price control and consumer rights and interests. Third, the cost of replacement if the package is far below the 7.5% rise high range, this can only be by the merchants and consumers in shared social responsibility that green, then in which businesses and consumers to bear the proportion of the costs will be directly related to whether the consumer recognition and the price change is reasonable. The above three cases, only three kinds of speculation are possible, what would happen, it is estimated that only Coca-Cola manufacturer our minds clear, and the community is difficult to see, they must open their replacement by the manufacturer of specific product packaging costs.

Therefore, Coca-Cola to change in the end the price is reasonable or not, is suspected of a disguised form of price increases, consumers say not, manufacturers are not the representative said, but most say in public that the replacement package specific cost, which is not only the enterprises to adjust the price should be a clear answers to society, it is consumer concern. Therefore, as Coca-Cola manufacturer, should be early disclosure of such specific cost data as well, not only to clarify the behavior of the facts, and related to corporate social responsibility and commitment the community level evaluation, is also related to consumer products up price-identity or not. BOLA TANGKAS