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2010, China entered the northeast, northwest and north China under the impact of cold weather, January 2 -5 days, from the northwest to the north, northeast, and eastern and southern provinces started strong precipitation ,4-6, the northeast, north, and northwest regions nearly 30 years of cold weather in many regions of minus 20 , and even the extreme cold of minus 40 , and milk performance of dairy cattle caused by greatly impact of the decline in milk production, the highest decline of 40%, and some cow nipple damaged by frost, frostbite breasts, newborn calf mortality increased substantially due to the cold, cold winter to reduce the impact on dairy production, especially in the current milk prices have kept rising, milk tight, the masses of farmers should strengthen cold, freezing measures to intensify the feeding and management. Notwithstanding the strong cold

cow capacity, but the ambient temperature in the 8 ~ 17 to achieve the best production performance. To the cold stress on cows to minimize the loss of culture, the state dairy industry technical system experts suggest the following technical measures.

1. To strengthen the cold warm barn to improve cow comfort
1.1 barn temperature will increase, especially calf barn house doors and windows on the windward side, Qiang Feng block strict air attack against thieves. When the outside temperature is below minus 10 , the night should stay in the cowshed in dairy cows. Figure 1 is a division of Xinjiang Agricultural seven 131 groups calf care, in addition to the supply of heating in the winter, the calf column of thick litter pad, calf here happy, healthy, and in winter the incidence of calf pneumonia and diarrhea less than 7%, less than 5% mortality rate.

1.2 reduce humidity to ensure cowshed cowshed ventilation, preventing excessive moisture sheds and roof drip, ground freezing phenomenon, shown in Figure 2, into the barn, had to face the large areas of fog, mist in the case of cold drops into the roof, fell inside or cow’s body, easily lead to the occurrence of fungal disease winter cows, while cows are wet, a greater heat loss. In the cold winter, dry and ventilated to maintain barn barn temperature is more important than maintaining. Less water in winter barn wash the ground as possible, to promptly clean up feces, on a regular basis such as the barn with dry sawdust and ground dry cleaning, to keep drying sheds. Ventilation time can be carried out in the afternoon 11:00 ~ 14:00, careful not to let cold air straight bragging body, ventilation and air exchange to minimize the air flow speed. Figure 2 is a good ventilation barn, barn temperature than in Figure 2, despite the lower barn, but can maintain a clean and dry cow body condition, cow very comfortable.

1.3 should be extended due to increase light illumination time, wipe the glass sheds to ensure the full light insulation. Insufficient natural light, fluorescent lighting can be used to promote the metabolism of dairy cows to increase milk production. In the afternoon sunlight, high temperatures, can cattle out of the barn, so that in their stadium campaign, rest and enjoy the winter sun. Cow sun has three advantages: First, to increase their activity levels, and second, the sun UV can kill bacteria on the surface cows, third, the sun can contribute to the production of vitamin D to increase calcium absorption and strong bones.

1.4 Add padding to keep the litter dry cow bed, Qinhuan padding, padding can be sawdust, straw, straw, sawdust or even covered with broken rubber pad, you can also use the dry sand; no bed that can be cows lying in the shop a number of regional crushed corn stalks and wheat straw.

1.5 ground clearance at the stadium stadium to prevent the formation of faeces as the bread package as hill, and lay a certain area of the litter, so that cows can lie down rest. Figure 7, Figure 8 and Figure 9, Figure 10 is a pair of negative information completely, due to change in the conditions, Figure 9 and Figure 10 of the cows very comfortable there. And can be seen from Figure 9,10, cows like to stand or lay in a grass surface.

1.6 Protection of the breast if the outside temperature is below minus 20 degrees outside, the cows spend the night lying area must be laid in their litter, able to do so, you can wear a bra breast to cow to avoid frostbite breasts caused by the cold.

2. To improve the quality of drinking water and diet Drink warm water to the cows

2.1 drink warm water, the water temperature above 20 can reduce the energy loss of frozen water to drink cows, proven cow milk production can reduce the loss of 5%. BOLA TANGKAS