Coleman Coolers – Facts and Features

Camping coolers are something that a mountaineer or an outdoor person cannot live without. For the longest time, coolers has stayed in its stereotype. It is merely perceived as a box of plastic that is made and bought for one purpose, to keep our beverages cold for us. Little do we realize that it can do so much more. To Americans, Coleman is the name for almost any outdoor gear. Its entire 50 years were spent to producing high quality products that they can be proud of, something so durable that it withstand the passing of generations.

Coleman Coolers live up to the company’s 50 years. Through generations of innovation, the camping coolers has evolved from being a simple convenience tool to a necessity. From soda cans, to water bottles, to vegetables, meats or fish Coleman has promised to keep them fresh and cold, ready for consumption any time, anywhere. Here are the features that keeps every Coleman gear special from the rest.

Cooling Technology

Although a lot of Coleman Coolers are equipped with a power socket to maximize cooling effect, the hard core camper does not have to be worried. Current cooler models can keep your food fresh and your drinks cold for a total of five days, some up to more than six days! Yes, you are reading it right, for five whole days, your cooler will keep a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Thus giving you the opportunity to stay outdoors longer without that much hassle.


A Coleman Cooler is the epitome of flexibility. It jumps out of the cooler stereotype by servicing not only the hard core camper alone but it is also made for the laid back barbeque party host and it is also perfect for after game victory parties. These coolers will not grow idle for the creative mind. It can be a perfect fishing, beach, vacation and of course, long – drive buddy.


These coolers can be custom fit depending on the occasion, purpose and use. The smaller personal jugs can be carried anywhere to keep your young ones hydrated all the time. A serious camper on the other hand can get hyped up once they get their eyes on one of the 54 quart models. Bigger sized Coleman coolers also come with wheels for greater mobility.


From the vintage red and blue plastic models that we loved from several years back, Coleman Coolers are starting to keep up to pace with the younger, more modern market. The latest model boasts a shiny steel exterior that comes in eye catching colors. Of course, the design is not only for aesthetic purposes. The exterior protects the cooler from rust and it houses additional features that provide convenience to the user. The larger 54 quart models have a no-tilt drain mechanism that makes draining water an ease.

Right now, Coleman is starting to break the limits of this product. Little by little, they are starting to make us realize that the cooler now does not only belong to the outdoors and to the dads or men who love camping. It is starting to creep into our lives with more function and use for every member of the household.