Colon Cleanse and Water – How These Powerful Agents Detoxify Your Body Exposed!

The expression, “Death begins in the colon” may be old but it remains a fact until this day. It is just a reminder that the colon needs regular maintenance for it to function well and protect the body from any disease or ailment. The good thing is people are now more aware of the importance of colon cleansing and detoxification. The methods used come in common names as colonic cleansing, hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, detox, and more. These are all methods of irrigating the colon to soften waste for easier elimination.

Water plays an important role in the wellbeing of a person. Too often, many forget to hydrate their body. The minimum requirement is to drink two liters of water daily but only a few people really afford to spend time to pour a glass of water and drink. The irony is it seems easier for many to buy canned beverages than to drink a glass of pure drinking water. Water therapy has been around for centuries now and it comes in many forms: drinking, sauna, bath, and others.

Colon cleansing and fluids go together. These are actually two of the most powerful agents that can be used to detoxify your body. First, be informed that there are toxins and chemicals that are absorbed by the body every day. These either came from pollution, processed foods, beverages, pesticides, and even pharmaceutical drugs. When these accumulate at a great amount in your body, it turns into harmful toxins that can kill the body literally. There are hundreds of death cases due to colon cancer.

Water therapy can help in cleansing the intestines by flushing away these toxins. When sauna is used as a therapy, wastes come out in the form of sweat. Drinking water alone without any food for a matter of days softens waste deposits and eliminates them in the form of fecal matter. These are only a few examples of how water works with colon cleansing to detoxify the body.

Primitive Technology: Filter Dirty Water

This is my next video. In this video we teach people how to get clean water from the forest. Clean water is essential for every one of us. We filtered turbid water for drinking water. We use rocks, sand and charcoal to filter water. By Primitive survival skills we successfully filtered dirty water into clean water. We will continue to make the next video. To keep track of our latest videos please subscribe to the channel