Colon Cleansing – What’s the Best Colon Cleansing Product For Me?

Colon cleansing has hit the diet/health/fitness industries like Beatlemania hit the music industry back in the 1960’s. Kids were all asking each other things like, “Who’s your favorite Beatle?” or “What’s your favorite Beatle song?” Of course there were no right or wrong answers and the same might be said for the question “What’s the best colon cleansing product for me?”

Whether deciding which Beatle song you like best or which colon cleansing product is right for you, you have to first determine what you expect to get from the product. Do you want the song to make you feel romantic or rebellious? Do you want your colon cleanser to completely empty your intestines or simply remove a specific element that reside there, i.e. parasites. And it helps to understand the types of colon cleansers that are available to you. The first type of colon cleanser is oxygen-based …which, as the name suggests, uses oxygen to clean your colon. It comes in tablet form and you take one a day to get the full colon cleansing effect; it’s an easy, effective way to clean out your large intestine. Another type of colon cleanser is fiber-based.

The fiber in question is psyllium husk which is derived from the seeds of the Plantago oyata plant which is native to Pakistan and India. The husk is ground into a fine powder that expands and turns slippery when it gets wet. The properties allow the psyllium to act like a bulldozer, sliding easily along the intestinal walls and pushing the contents of the colon in front of it. Additionally, the soluble fiber in psyllium absorbs toxins in the bowel. Psyllium fiber is available either in tablet form or as a powder which can be mixed with liquid. One of the more popular colon cleansers uses a blend of herbs; specifically cloves, senna, slippery elm and aloe vera. The manufacturer claims that this mixture of otherwise innocuous herbs is certainly powerful enough to evacuate your colon of its contents while absorbing toxins and removing parasites. Colon hydrotherapy, also called colonic irrigation, involves pumping large quantities of water into the colon in order to flush out its contents; think of it as an enema with lots of water. Finally, if you’re short of cash or none of the above appeal to you, just stop eating for a few days.

Your internal plumbing will continue to do what it does until the contents of your bowels are completely gone. I did this once when I was in college. With no digested food to expel my system working on what was left-toxins. It made for a pretty uncomfortable day 3 but when I woke up on the 4th day I felt almost reborn. I hope this explanation of some of the types of colon cleansing products/techniques helps you decide what’s the best colon cleansing product for you. And please, before undertaking any kind of cleansing, consult a physician or your family doctor.