Colored contact lenses completely change the eye color

Colours play a very important role in the lives of human beings womens clothing store. Only at night the world ceases to play with bright colors, it becomes a gray or black. And throughout the day colors rule the world. They surround us, they are everywhere. Color affects the human condition, even if we are not aware of this. Dark colors can push us into a real depression, while a bright, bright are able to lift the mood FLANMARK.COM. 

Everyone has one or more of your favorite colors. We can easily surround yourself with things “the right” color. But change myself for what nature has given – much more difficult. Not everyone is happy with the color of their hair, skin or eyes. Alas, we can not order the nuances of nature as well as order a pair of shoes from a catalog. But, fortunately, scientists have invented hair dye, makeup and even the color contact lenses to meet our needs and desires. We can change the color of our hair, nails, lips and eyes, as many times as we like. And the number of options – indefinitely.

The color of our eyes creates different feelings in different people. So if you want to change the color, you can buy without a prescription colored contact lenses and playing with all sorts of shades. There are two types of this kind of lens – color and tint Color – a color contact lenses completely change the eye color. Tint is just give your eyes a certain hue. They will not make brown eyes blue. In general, these lenses are only suitable for light eyes. It should be remembered as the dark eyes of the tint lenses simply will not be visible. Colored lenses are also suitable for everybody, besides their color palette is very extensive. Everyone will find “their” unique color.

It is important to remember that all contact lenses (including color) are correcting and nekorrigiruyuschie. And yet they differ in terms of wear. There are one-day lenses, lenses for a period of wearing two-week, month, three months and six months. The latter, incidentally, are gradually removed from production. The smaller the period of wearing the lenses, so it is thinner. It is more convenient and less traumatic to the eye. Here are some of the most popular brands of colored lenses:
Neo Cosmo
OK Vision Fusion
Tutti Classic
Expressions Accents
Eye Art
EyeMed Adore
Fresh Look

We should not think that if colored lenses without a prescription, there are no precautions. It is not. There are certain rules of wearing colored contact lenses. As, however, and any other. First, no matter how thin was not the lens, to get used to it gradually. Eye perceives it as a foreign body. So it should not be once without habit worn lenses for a long time. Best option to start – for two hours FLANMARK.COM. Gradually increase wearing time by one hour a day. Maximum wearing time – 16 hours a day. This, of course, only a recommendation. It all depends on the individual characteristics of your eyes. But wearing colored contact lenses day and night – is unsafe. 

You should also not ignore the rules of personal hygiene, using the lenses FLANMARK.COM. In no case do not try to “borrow” them for a time to your friends. This is extremely dangerous. Also, do not wash the lenses under running water. Only valid treatment in a special solution. It should recommend a specialist. Contact lenses should not take his hands, even clean. There are special soft “tweezers”, which is very convenient to remove the lens from the container and put back. By the way, the container must be clean! Buying a new pair of lenses, be sure to change the container! Still, be aware that any contact lenses not be worn, being hoarse. They immediately come into disrepair. It is especially dangerous to wear lenses for conjunctivitis and other infectious diseases of the eye. Following these rules, you can enjoy for a long time effect, which will give you colored contact lenses.

Do not be afraid of change? If you’re tired of the monotony, routine and dullness of your life – change! If you want new experiences, new dreams and victories – the same! And with the help of colored contact lenses that completely change eye color, do it quickly and easily.