Colostrum – The Best Natural Immunity Vaccine

Colostrum is the naturally produced breast milk by mammals during the end of pregnancy. It is produced just before delivery. It is rich in antibodies and is very good for the health of newborn babies. It also contains more protein and carbohydrate than usual milk and also less of fat. It helps the new-born baby to develop its immune system. Since it is very easy for it to digest, there is nothing better than this as the baby’s first food. The color of the milk varies from a shade of orange and yellow and its texture is paste-like.

It is important for you to breast feed your baby more than a dozen times daily during this time of production. It is more or less like an immunity vaccine which is completely safe. When your baby is breastfeeding, he/she is very much sensitive to the food you eat. The digestive system is very sensitive and hence colostrum provides a thin lining for the digestive system not allowing any foreign substance to enter.

Colostrum is also a dietary supplement. It was introduced from around 1995. However, Ayurveda practitioners have always used colostrum in their treatments. This was even before the first antibiotic was invented. In mid-20th century, it was used to treat rheumatic arthritis. It can also be used against polio.

It helps protect the body against several microorganisms like bacteria, fungus, yeast, various toxins, allergens etc. it is also used as something which is used in diet plans, to lose weight or to burn more calories in a very effective way.

Colostrum is also found to increase the performance of athletes. Cyclists, skaters, weight lifters etc depend on colostrum for enhancing their performance level. It is universally accepted as a ‘wonder supplement’. Apart from all of these, colostrum is also used as a healer. It can be used to protect the body against many diseases. That is, colostrum is not only an immunity-producer, but it is also used in the process of healing a number of diseases.

It is an effective medicine for flu, sinusitis, cold, asthma and other respiratory tract disorders. Various digestive system disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, leaky-gut syndrome, ulcers etc can also be treated using this. According to experts, colostrum is the best medicine available naturally for the prevention of intestinal diseases. Diabetes and arthritis are also effectively controlled using colostrum. You can also buy it from various online stores.