Combat Stress and Anxiety by Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is one of the best forms of hypnosis. One doesn’t have to rely on a hypnotist and it’s simpler, easier and free of cost. It is used for several different and variant reasons that are from ‘loosing weight’ to ‘quitting smoking’ and from ‘sleeping better’ to ‘being confident’.

Now many psychologists and hypnotists are suggesting that anxiety and stress too and can be battled and gotten rid off by the means of a simple self hypnosis session. The fact behind the idea is that when we are under stress, panicked and anxious about something our mind can not help it consciously. Since the hypnosis is meant to work on the sub-conscious mind, it is easier to access the sub-conscious mind to instruct the conscious mind to calm down.

Combating stress and anxiety by self hypnosis is the easiest of all the other method. During stress or an anxiety attack, when all your body is tensed, sit in a comfortable place, in a comfortable position. Take deep breaths and imagine all the bad things in your life are leaving your brain with each exhaled breath. Now start imagining yourself as a part of your favorite visual imagery. For example it can be a beach, or a fragrant garden besides a lake etc.

Imagine yourself getting nearer and nearer to your favorite spot in that place. When you reach to that place, spend as much time as you want there. Your nerves will be totally relaxed. Now for coming back try leaving the place as slowly as you got there. When finally leaving tell yourself that this is my heaven in the times of stress and I can come here anytime I want to be calmer and composed.
How it works?

It works on a simple principle. You have a resort to go and shed your troubles when ever you feel like. In times of anxiety or stress even when you think of going to that place, your brain will produce a specific mood enhancing chemical and your spirits would be lifted up.

So try this and say good bye to stress and anxiety.