Comments: Cancellation salt monopoly can not simultaneously deregulation – salt monopoly, the salt industry reform – Food Industry

Salt Iodized salt for the franchise to bring the general public health, but also gave birth to the monopoly franchise system, so the cost per ton of iodized salt increased by only 30 yuan for two cases, retail prices have soared to the salt company ex-factory price five times. At present, the salt industry restructuring soon, salt monopolization of the system or will be terminated, the market price of salt is likely due to the introduction of competition down. But the industry are worried that the salt monopoly, enterprises are likely to reduce production costs and allow the people of industrial salt, the salt flowing into the jar.

It is reported that this salt to terminate the franchise system reform in China by domestic enterprises of 28 salt provoked. Last year in December, the domestic enterprises signed 28 salt of “salt and medium-sized enterprises across many parts of the proposal on the salt system”, submitted to the State Development and Reform Commission, the State Ministry of Industry, called for reform of salt.

It is not difficult to see that the franchise and monopoly profits from the monopoly of salt exclusive system will not only enable consumers to the distress, the general salt enterprises also feel dissatisfied. After all, salt franchisee (Salt Authority) carrying out quality control of edible salt, it also swept away the salt enterprises acquired through free market competition, the enormous profits. Termination of Salt Monopoly, is equivalent to the market deregulation is the equivalent of transferring salt exclusive company profits to the salt monopoly enterprises and consumers. We have reason to structural reform of China Salt eagerly looking forward to.

However, the industry’s concern should not be overlooked, business pursuit of profit, what is Sunzhao are likely to come. You know, industrial salt better than the harm to human health Dairy In Melamine Small number. Not to mention the possibility of industrial salt, salt jar into the people, that is iodized production could meet the standard, how many people are not necessarily understand. This requires that the Board come out

Salt “manage” the. The purpose of salt exclusive system in the first place, first in the planned economy system to protect the people of the salt supply; Second, facilitate the safety of people’s salt regulation. Under the system of monopoly is the result of salt exclusive, but not the cause. The purpose of salt exclusive system is now terminated, was to abolish the salt monopoly, rather than deregulation. If the cancellation of salt monopoly also abolished the regulatory function of salt Authority is not a means for the salt monopoly Authority inherently exist?

Course, to a complete end to salt exclusive system, the State Authority may also revoke salt, but that does not mean that the regulation of salt is this new security vacuum. The key is, around Food Timely quality security inspection department and the Board to fill the salt out of the regulatory gap left by rapidly establishing an effective safety supervision system, the new salt. Information on the people, the importance of salt jar, no less than the grain bags.