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Drinks in the market after years of baptism, the Chinese drink broadly categorized into: carbonated ( Coca-Cola , Pepsi, Cola, Jianlibao), milk beverages (Mengniu, Yili, Guangming, Sanlu), Tea (Master Kong, unity, tea and Research Workshop), fruit juice (Minute Maid, Huiyuan, Master Kong, unity), milk beverages (Nutrition Express, a small Miao foreigners love), functional drinks (Red Bull, pulsating) Plant Protein Beverage (Silver Lu, Lulu), eight-treasure porridge series (Silver Heron, Taic), herbal drinks (canned Wong Lo Kat, paper loading Wanglaoji), above all in China’s beverage industry performance in a variety of leading one of the best or Gong off brands, the status of carbonated Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s position is that no one can defend the move, Mengniu and Yili milk drink also to others far behind, tea beverages Master Kong and unified the two male competition Pa, so that Wahaha Research Workshop points and tea soup to eat, and fruit juice from the previous leader Huiyuan Juice into the U.S. are now catching up with the source, the milk drink Wahaha nutritional Express we scrambled a deposit, functional beverage now Red Bull basically rule the roost, plant protein is silver heron, Lulu North-South divide, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea drink in China is creating a miracle in a single sale of items.

These brands after years of publicity and marketing business for many years to reach such a success, this is the dominant parties, and no major from big waves, the annual maintenance of advertising media is to consolidate the existing old products, launch new products. Each of the original branding are several old brands: multinational Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull Thailand; Taiwan-funded enterprises Master Kong, unified; state Mengniu, Yili, Wahaha, the JDB (Wong Lo Kat), silver heron, Deng had the old herbal tea, beverage industry Jinmailang get involved, but eventually failed and the return. The past two years are more calm, no company, brand established, but the brand last year, started in Fujian meteoric rise, the increase Yinlu branding, Fujian Dali Group from the original Snack Food Initially involved in the beverage industry. Daly in marketing planning Gaode favoritism, in advertising and publicity with the provincial TV and CCTV, but also invited the three stars to momentum (Chen Tao-ming, Rene Liu, Gao Yuanyuan), together with the original food-Star (Jay Chou Zhao micro, Xu Qing, Feng Gong), that is star one. Fujian Dali’s original snack food sales network throughout the country, the lower to the county-level cities, a thousand to one dealer, marketing companies, eight located in south, north, northwest, northeast and other places; the beverage is rare Qi Series : milk drinks (first milk), herbal drinks (and its positive), tea drinks, plant protein drinks, fruit juice, rice puddings and family, these drinks on the market basically regarded brands selling product line gave cover, in After initial marketing momentum, coupled with the existing brand as a foundation, we are very optimistic about Daly’s beverage line, in March 2007 in Chongqing sugar Wine Merchants will still very successful.

After a year of market tests in 2007, Daly used the nutritional milk drink only Wahaha Express thriving, Wong Lo Kat herbal tea in the world lord it over, no case of competing products, the main push priority milk, and its positive herbal tea, other beverages to increase sales and brand awareness, in most areas of priority to Daly and their milk and cool shops are more than 40% market rate, other items also have to crowd out other brand drinks; After one year baptism, Daly’s beverage line through good quality, media bombardment, the price advantage of the city shop, consumers are slowly accepting and recycling consumer. It’s just before the arrest, Daly began to drink the warm-up exercise, by the end of 2007 Daly has set up in Anhui and Yunnan branch, marketing, logistics and distribution center and better, and in March 2008 launched in Chengdu rum Daly the PET in nine series: and their herbal tea series is to give priority to milk series, green plum green tea series, rock mineral water series, honey chrysanthemum tea, red date soup series, sour plum series, oil Qiemai tea, CC orange series; this undoubtedly cast a heavy beverage industry, Dali carbonated beverage series of the addition, functional class, milk Beverages Are all outside the other launch, which used to cut into the variety of products in various consumer channels and in all regions, more or less pre-boot partition other beverage brands to bring consumers the market. In Daly City last year’s sales and shop terms, Daly’s marketing model is worthy of our reference:

A strong advertising media marketing: in the high ratings of TV CCTV and the provinces of uninterrupted play, the three stars of the advantages and tasty and easy to remember the ad; BOLA TANGKAS