Comments: Satellite Upgrade, Tv Fees Do Not Be Proud Of

Before Radio and TV DBS Star on the 9th in the beginning the upgrade, resulting in a number of cottage STB Income Video Road plummeted, although there are many versions of the crack spread method, but the user tries to play and found no effect. (January 12, “Southern Metropolis Daily”)

Digital TV Charge high STB Expensive, many people in the Left with no cases, playing a Satellite Pot idea. Although the authorities prohibited the installation of satellite pot, but only a few hundred dollars a satellite pot, the less you earn only 120 yuan; say “satellite pot” variety, and some 40 in diameter? About 50 cm, 30 cm, only small, as from the cooking pot head very convenient to install and store, who be able to endure, Charles won.

Order not to harm the interests of departments, TV Sector to play his ace, spend huge sums of money to upgrade satellites and satellite on the 9th, is intended to prevent satellite from the source pop pot, this is indeed very effective, many satellite pan hard as usual, received more than 100 units , but by force alone use it?

Satellite pot on the 9th received signal not only can receive satellite transmission, but also to receive other satellite transmission, not only can receive the domestic, but also can receive abroad, you seal is maintained to this, he can not seal, even if domestic All letters are sealed not live, can still see a dozen sets, say, today’s advanced technology and ability to break strong differences, Microsoft’s technology can be pirated, satellite upgrade will not break?

Satellite pan from the origin of popularity in recent years had to start with, the original analog television, even if very few people buy satellite pan was used, mainly because analog TV is relatively cheaper, people do not need to take a trailer, while digital TV is different, not only the high monthly fees, and extraordinary set-top box prices, most in more than 500 yuan, in particular, a set-top box is a pit, and now the families are mostly two or three TV sets, which means To increase the number of set-top boxes and the range of monthly fees, so count them, their monthly fees on digital TV than ever before do not know how many times to turn. This has forced some people to open another channel.

, Of course, the implementation of digital television is a trend that should convince the implementation guide, user voluntarily, a selection process to the user, as the original analog mobile phones to digital conversion, as two-tiered system, but digital TV replaces analog TV, but not no room for negotiation, flew will shut down most of the viewing platform, but many places also let it be known, not time limit to upgrade, to not even have to cut off six units.

Television sector, in promoting digital television is only the paper sector; and television sector with a high degree of monopoly, than a little competition in the telecommunications, power, banks are more arbitrary nature of the conduct of their enforcement, no one approach . It is only for the external force, so that satellite pot to solve urgent.

TV sector now merits and has been rolled together, set up a satellite version, must have peace of mind, but do not worry, premature, if not to the cost of fees and set-top box down, I think, even if you re-upgrade, and encryption, but also will be break. Satellite upgrade is expedient, but will cost down to suck the user, is the long-term policy.

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