Comments: Solar Business Why Go To The Countryside “initiative Retraction”

Face Appliances to the countryside The major positive policy, six solar energy companies why “give up successful qualification?” Is not as, or be eliminated? Recently, with the authorities of a “Cancel winning projects eligible appliances to the countryside” notice of release, home appliances to the countryside “new forces”?? Solar companies are being questioned. The aggrieved company to the Articles of solar energy that does not mean cancellation of projects eligible for cancellation of the successful tenderer eligible appliances to the countryside, do not misread, to enlarge.

24 companies were eliminated? 12 11, the Ministry of Commerce released information management system for home appliances to the countryside a “home appliances to the countryside on the abolition of the 24 winning projects eligible for the notice.” The Ministry of Finance Office of the General Office and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a notice saying: Since the implementation of home appliances to the countryside policies, a total of 365 manufacturing enterprises and 362

Sell Business successful. As of now, there are five winning projects were not paid at the performance bond, the 19 winning projects to adjust for such factors as business strategy give up a successful qualification. According to relevant provisions of the abolition of the 24 appliances to the countryside winning project bid qualification, and made public.

After publication of notice, “household electrical appliance enterprises abandoned”, and “Enterprise was canceled qualified appliances to the countryside,” the news spread like wildfire. At this point, the Chinese appliance association is “strong doubts” in the consumer association released “every eight appliances to the countryside products appeared in a

Service Circumstances “of the survey data. And shortly before, the Ministry of Finance and Commerce have jointly issued the” home appliances to the countryside successful business assessment and management approach “require from January 1 next year, start out from a comprehensive mechanism. These articles have information appears to make the public enterprises and products, home appliances to the countryside proliferation concern, criticism continued.

Listed in the “abolition of the list of projects eligible for home appliances to the countryside winning” Song of Mu in Beijing Four Seasons Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (the “Four Seasons Song Mu”)

Marketing Deputy peak to the “China Economic Weekly” said that this is a misreading home appliances to the countryside, is a solar home appliances to the countryside, “two standard one” understood not comprehensive enough.

“We have not been disqualified”

Mu including Four Seasons, including songs, the “Cancel the list of eligible project successful home appliances to the countryside” in a total of six solar energy companies. Peak, said: “Information Management System home appliances to the countryside to announce the information, did not do a detailed explanation. Precisely, for our solar energy business, can not ask ‘cancel’, should be ‘removed’, let alone taking away our qualified appliances to the countryside. “

Peak told reporters that bringing home appliances are standard and product flow of the sub-standard, the two are separate entrance examination standard. Product standard by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance calling for bids and the enterprise product standard before they can enter the home appliances to the countryside for the record of the directory, but there is also the premise that the distribution channels have to bid, as

States United States , Suning Channels and around these large retailers have to get the flow of the local business sector subject tender.

This year in April, Solar water heaters Been formally incorporated into appliances to the countryside directory. According to the peak introduced before, Gansu, Zhejiang and other places of business sector has made the first move. For example this year in March, Mu-song Seasons of Gansu Provincial Department of Commerce should be invited to participate in the flow of business projects in Gansu bidding and winning.

Peak, said, given the solar energy water heater sales channel has its own characteristics, some industry leaders, famous entrepreneurs and the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance of the relevant departments of communication, the proposed standard and product flow of two standard-one standard, ” that as long as the Ministry of Finance in the Ministry of Commerce and won the bid, it means that product standard and circulation throughout the country have won the bid standard, and our sales network around the business just for the record on it. “This proposal is accepted.

Through open tender in the country after the May 14, the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance announced the “national home appliance products to rural areas (solar water heaters) project” and as a result, paragraph 30 Four Seasons products Mu songs, including Tibet, Gansu, including 31 provinces and municipalities all successful. “The area has been cross-winning Four Seasons Mu song does not need to participate in the flow standard project in Gansu Province. Appliance information management system to rural areas is published in accordance with the provisions of this information, which we awarded the national household appliances to the countryside, and even winning in Gansu , and the work product has no effect on the countryside. “peak stresses.