Commercial Cleaning Products Go Sustainable Across The Board?

Commercial cleaning products, particularly floor cleaning products (which are used at least twice daily in all good establishments) are responsible for the biggest dichotomy in the modern retail sectors. Sustainable cleaning is supposed to be the watch word of the age, but if you’re supposed to clean your floors at least twice a day how can you help but go through tonnes of packaging every year? The answer lies in a quiet revolution that has seen some of the biggest multi store retail brands in the country take up a whole new product idea. Fresh Clean, which has been making a name for itself all over the place in recent months, is able to slash chemical budgets by almost half – and that means cutting down on packaging use by the same kind of amount.


How is this happening? Simply enough, as with all really good ideas. The Fresh Clean product is a desiccated version of a normal cleaning preparation – so only a tiny amount is used per clean. The product is stored dry and diluted for use, meaning that packaging use and costs have plummeted and repetitive cleaning regimes are suddenly not only sustainable but low-priced. Dried commercial cleaning products account for the elimination of waste packaging almost completely: the only part of the packaging cycle for these floor cleaning products that ends up as waste is the box the crystals came in. And that has an enormously long shelf life because it’s holding a dried product that required dilution. A single box of Fresh Clean, for example, can run thousands of floor washes – that means months on the shelf and no expensive throwaway plastic packaging.


It isn’t only the packaging quantity that has been changed, either. These new world commercial cleaning products are being made right here in the UK, in a sustainable production model that puts most other industries to shame. The factory that makes the floor cleaning products is mere miles from the depot that ships them – making for a carbon footprint little bigger than a baby’s boot.


The cleaning power of the dried stuff is obviously incontestable – testament enough is made by the number of huge name multinational chain stores that have switched to using it. Costs and environmental benefits mean nothing to a business if the product in question isn’t up to the job: when commercial cleaning products don’t work properly customers go somewhere else. These cleaning products are standing the tests of use and perception as well as money saving and carbon reduction. New style floor cleaning products are sweeping the competition before them as they make a fresh new shine on super market aisles, in hardware stores, and on the floors of flat pack furniture suppliers all over the United Kingdom.


It’s nice to hear a real success story for once – one where the company involved is making as much of a saving for the planet as it is for its customers – and where its commercial cleaning products really do what they are supposed to. Sustainable cleaning is here: and this time it actually works.