Commercial Refrigeration – The Set up Basics

An absolute and integral part for any restaurant, cafe or food business is commercial refrigerationsystem. It is required to handle and store food properly. Proper refrigeration of food is not only a legal necessity, but it also ensures the freshness of food. It keeps the food edible and tasty. A VIP Refrigeration Roundtable Session will be held on Sep 23rd and 24th at the Baltimore Convention Center. The supermarket executives and commercial refrigeration contractors will take part in the session. The event will be sponsored by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, ServiceNet and Hill PHOENIX. The session will include discussion on alternative refrigeration systems, mutual challenges faced by the refrigeration industry and techniques to overcome these.

To set up a perfect commercial refrigeration unit, there should be enough space at the location. Most commercial refrigeratorsare made out of stainless steel for easy maintenance. Besides, they also add a theme to your kitchen and matches up well with the other equipments in the kitchen. The refrigerators come in different sizes. Depending upon the needs, the right size should be chosen. Commercial refrigeration units with glass doors are very handy, as food items can be easily located from outside. These are highly suitable for businesses that involve selling of food and beverages.

The commercial refrigeration equipmentsinclude grocery coolers, grocery freezers, coolers and freezers of restaurants and chillers units. They help in cooling and enable the water to move via water evaporators to provide proper air conditioning. Various tools are needed for proper maintenance of these equipments. Some of the basic hand tools are – pliers, screwdrivers, drills, levels, flashlights, wrenches, and many more. These tools are important for installing, repairing and maintaining refrigeration units.

Commercial refrigeration units can range from small coolers to massive freezers and refrigerators. Some of these refrigeration systems include:

Refrigeration drawers: These are also known as fish drawers and are ideal for small restaurants. These can be directly installed into a cooking line. These can be used to store poultry, seafood or meat as well.

Walk-in-coolers: Their size range from that of a small closet to as big as a room. You can store boxes of food, blocks of cheese, and so on in large quantity and other perishable goods in one of these giant coolers.

Freezers: These look like coolers and can be either walk-ins or reach-ins.

Reach-in-coolers: These are found mainly in the kitchen and bar areas of a restaurant. It is lower to the ground.