Common Dental And Mouth Problems And How To Avoid Them

The digestion of our food starts in our mouth. The breaking down of foods into pieces enable it to pass smoothly toward our internal digestive organs like the intestines. However, as the teeth are the primary movers in this primary digestive process, it is the one that gets the negative effects of the food we take.

For example, there may be some bits of food tend to lodge between teeth crevices and this will lead to dental disorders. Sometimes, we also have mouth sores. Here are some of the common dental and mouth problems we experience often if we are not cautious with our dental and mouth condition:

1. Tooth decay – This happens when plaque coating our teeth starts breaking down starches and sugar from food we eat. In the breaking down of these food products, the bacteria in the plaque produce acid.

This acid is strong enough to dissolve the enamel of our teeth. As it penetrates deeper, dental caries or cavities from happening.

2. Gum diseases – The bacteria from plaque can also cause gum diseases through gum infection.

3. Bad breath or halitosis – This is a condition which mainly starts from the presence of gum disease, plaque or tooth decay. While there are some systemic diseases may also cause bad breath, the basic sources are dental and mouth problems.

4. Xerostomia – This is a mouth problem caused by a reduced flow of saliva which results to a dry mouth condition or xerostomia. If the mouth is dry, there is a tendency for dead cells in the mouth to accumulate on tongue, cheeks and gums. As a result, these decompose within the mouth and cause odor.

5. Discoloring – The discoloration of the teeth is due to the food intake has like coffee or tea, and by constant smoking.

These dental and mouth problems can generally be avoided by following good eating habits. Basically, we should minimize eating foods rich in carbohydrates (starches and sugar) like cakes, raisins, soda drinks, ice cream, candy, milk, and some fruits or juices that are acidic. Junk foods that have sugar are good food also for plaque-causing bacteria. The more the bacteria feed, the more acid they produce. Consequently, tooth decay occur which can also lead to other dental or mouth problems. To avoid it best, use toothpaste with fluoride to strengthen your enamel, and floss and brush daily. Minimize your coffee intake to avoid discoloration, too.

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