Common Sense Of Driving Aids

Nowadays more and more people have private cars, but at the same time there are more and more accidents happening in every corner of the world everyday. According to a survey, more than 80% drivers do not know the common sense of the driving aids, thus in case of an accident, they can not save themselves and others, they can not reduce the possibility of injury and death. It will be much better if they know some common sense about driving aids and make some preparation in advance, making full use of the survival kit in order to minimize the harm of accident.

When having an accident, a driver should alarm as soon as possible in order to get the first aid in time, when making the call, make sure to tell the true condition of the accident place, the number if the injured people, the injure condition and so on. It is most necessary to take measures to save people including the driver himself. If one is pressed or embedded in the car, he should try to get out, however, if he can not get out, he should wait for the arrival of the rescue people, it is not sensible to forcefully pull or push himself out. When one is injured, he should not move casually, just have a rest in the accident place in order to avoid more harm. If there is bleeding, then one should first try to prevent bleeding, using the available materials such as clothes to stop bleeding. If one vomits, he should put the head towards one side and meanwhile clean the residues in the mouth. When the heart beat of someone stops, others can use the manual chest massage or the artificial respiration before the arrival of doctor.

During the normal life, a driver should also pay attention to health care, drink plenty of water and eat less cold drinks, without the heart and kidney dysfunction, in summer a driver should drink 8-10 glasses of warm water or tea everyday. Stroke and heart disease occur easily in the morning, some study believes that this is related with the water lack at night. Thus drinking some water when waking up at night can reduce blood consistency and help prevent thrombosis. As for diet, a driver should eat more red, green, black food and so on, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. A snap can reduce the accident greatly. BOLA TANGKAS