Community Monitoring Probe Of Whether The Invasion Of Privacy Let’s Hear The Lawyers –

Area inside Monitor Probe Never nap like a pair of “eyes” and let people added to a Security The same time, let a few people uncomfortable. But even if it was against the installation of the probe in public areas, most have not gone beyond lip service and in fact, residents who lived in Anfu Road Jiangmou is the use of extreme behavior, secretly cut off a probe of the video line. Cut out, monitoring the probe’s “eyes” It was a closed, but to shift their present a judgment seat. Recently, because of suspected Damage Public property crime Jiangmou was Xuhui’s Procuratorate for prosecution.

Few days have just installed the monitoring probes overnight strike, which makes comprehensive management of Xuhui District, Hunan street was quite strange to office staff. Last year on December 8, Xuhui District Security Company Received a repair call, inside the newly installed Anfu Road, Lane 189, the probe is broken. After examination, the probe video cable had been cut, this is obviously intentionally. In the maintenance of the probe, while the hearts of street workers put a big question mark about who see the probe so “flaming”, have to make it not work.

But I never thought, before a mystery not yet solved, thanks to the widespread post a question then. December 11 morning, just two days after the probe repaired, residents of the street once again received a phone call from the video line has been cut off. Repair the cut, then cut the only repair, caught in a vicious circle, a similar incident on December 15, 22 again. Who

in the end with this probe have any grudges? After several days of investigation, police found a black hand?? Area residents Jiangmou. The original installation of the street just in front Jiangmou probe live openings. Day out, Jiangmou always felt he could not see behind the eyes double staring at him, let him uncomfortable. Has already been very critical of the probe. In addition Jiangmou heard “because the installation of the probe inside the compound were a lot more foreign vehicles, occupied the alley within the public roads, residents travel,” the Fengyanfengyu, “originally belonging to his public position, and give them an advantage . “He gave the probe a” offense “with a fortune.

12 Apr. 7, Jiangmou home from work to see its own entrance door Buick parked vehicles never seen before, furious, he raised the knife home, and went out to find the probe “scores” ?? to probe behind the video line cut off, and parked the Buick car program became a painted face. A few days later is because the same, so Jiangmou again cell vehicles within the probe and ruthless wretched.

Calculated for the probe and vehicle maintenance costs of up to 2 million yuan, to Case, after the Jiangmou confessed their actions, but the interpretation of such extreme behavior, Jiangmou only a “look uneasy . ” Xuhui’s Procuratorate recently filed its indictment.

3 15 pm, where we came Jiangmou district. Many times the probe was Jiangmou wrench in Jiangmou buildings occupied by the diagonal position. Speaking of the probe by a series of black hands, will the residents of almost everyone informed. “His character is very lonely, like into a dead end, usually do not speak with the neighbors, and rather strange. We all feel very good probe installed, and can prevent a thief, residents feel at ease.” We have complained Jiangmou: “do not know Flanagan tendon Dazhu was. “

Lawyers say Monitor public places there is no infringement

Current probe in public places, mainly two types. One is real-time monitoring of public places, such probes without the video feature. There is also a timely record the band, but the video reservation will be destroyed after a period of time. Such probes are installed by the formal sector, the general scope of the monitoring are in public places, such as the present case, the monitoring range of the probe to the cell surface only and will not be swept into the corridor where Jiangmou,

Shanghai Zhu Ping Sheng original law firm to counsel: whether the probe monitoring violations Privacy There are two main areas. The one hand, morality. Install monitoring devices in public places recorded in the content, does not involve privacy issues, control room staff look at surveillance video in the process, there is no infringement or invasion of privacy, because monitors are installed in public places , there is no privacy in public places issue. Another area is a violation. Such as the deliberate dissemination of some monitors on the video content, to cause reputation, economic abuse, it would constitute Crime . Like last year ignited the “Metro” incident. BOLA TANGKAS