Comparing In Dash Receivers – Jensen With Pioneer, Which One Is Best

Lets compare – the Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD with Jensen VM8023HD. Sadly however the Jensen can disappoint you. Sidebar on the Jensen, the user interface is terrible. It’s slow, buggy, and crash – prone. Additionally it is very haphazard in terms of what button to push in any given mode. It simply deprives the time and patience. Typically it’s the rotary encoder quantity knob, typically it is up/down, sometimes it is one other button entirely. Totally violates the principal of least surprise. Looks like it was designed and applied by some poor intern in 2 weeks. Nice function set, but fully ruined by the interface.

Overall the Pioneer is great. It’s orders of magnitude better than the Jensen by way of interface and reliability. Sound high quality is healthier too. The Jensen appeared not neglect to insert some digital – sounding “junk” between MP3s, the Pioneer does not.

Menus are very intuitive and straightforward to navigate. It really works nicely with MP3s on a USB stick. Navigation between folders, together with nested folders, is easy. You’ll be able to touch-drag to scroll shortly down an extended checklist or to move the current playback place within a song. You can see four observe names per display it might be 5 or 6, which is adequate. The Jensen solely confirmed 2.

Touching a tune identify starts it taking part in however does not exit the menu so you may touch one other track when you change your mind. This is nice when trying to find one specific tune that you can’t quite bear in mind the title of.

Utilizing a SWI-PS steering wheel interface and the mute function of the interface causes the Pioneer to enter “Attenuation” mode where it lowers the volume however doesn’t mute it completely. Could be much favor it truly mute. It is a Pioneer subject, not a SWI-PS one for the reason that SWI-PS muted the Jensen correctly.

The laborious buttons on the unit volume +/-, monitor +/-, mute, supply, and show off require too much force to press, favor a softer feel. You actually have to press the button such as you imply it. Additionally can be good a rotary knob for the quantity control.

The placement of the USB and Aux ports, decrease left corner, is poor because a USB stick poking out of the port can easily be hit by my hand when shifting the shifter on the steering column. These can be higher off on the decrease right as an alternative of lower left corner. Relying on the setup in your car that might not be an issue for you.

It throws up a warning display which you need to acknowledge the primary time you switch to a video source, DVD or AUX in, even should you’re already parked with the parking brake on. This behaviour is absolutely annoying. In case you’re already parked it shouldn’t provde the warning.

The whole expertise with Pioneer is best than the Jensen in virtually each way. However, there are some things, that are talked about above might be improved however nothing is ideal, and total the Pioneer is better receiver then Jensen.