Comparison of Plasma TV Features and Prices

A plasma television is a monitor that makes use of millions of small colored fluorescent lights in creating an image. Small light cells are put between 2 glass plates together with some electrodes that trigger the small light cells to produce patterns and colors. This innovative way to create images allow the plasma to be plat and at the same time so large televisions.

Feature of Plasma TVs

a. Plasma TVs are so flat. They are not just modern and attractive, there is no curvature distortion that could be a problem in tube television screens.
b. Plasma televisions have high-resolution images. Image quality of plasmas is much clearer and sharper compared to tube TVs. Due to this, plasma televisions could accommodate high def. HDTV signals and DTV signals too.
c. Plasma TVs are lightweight and slim. Their construction enables them to be hung on your wall and hug it. You could put a plasma television almost anywhere you want to, in comparison to the limits of the size shape of traditional tube televisions and protection televisions.
d. Plasma televisions are very easy to view from anywhere in a room. Unlike projection televisions and LCD televisions, picture on plasma televisions is clear from any angle you are from.
e. Plasma TVs are life-like. Picture you will get from plasma televisions is clearest in terms of picture, there is some sense of depth, images almost seem to be three-dimensional.
f. Plasma televisions accommodate widescreen format. You will get full theater experience using a Plasma television because they use widescreen ratio. Aside from their high resolution, widescreen format allows plasma TV to make most of DVD and HDTV formats.

Comparing Plasma TV Price

Modern technology comes in huge prizes – Plasma TVs are not cheap. Most of them start at 2,000 dollar and could cost up to 10,000 dollars depending on the model and size.

To be able to get a best price for a plasma television, gong to a local electronics store is recommended to be able to compare features and prices, after that, compare the prices online before buying one.

There is a perfect online service that has comparison of prices and gives customer reviews of all brands and models of plasma televisions. They do not just provide well-researched details of prices and comparisons of different models of plasmas, they also give detailed product information.

The reviews of plasmas are from consumers who own one. It is like being in a network of friends who give unbiased advice.