Composite Scale Of 100 Billion Yuan Seasoning Industry Market Potential – Combined Seasonings,

China Condiment Association has recently set up a complex Seasoning Professional Committee, Mrs. Dole Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai General Manager of glory as the committee chairman. This marks the complex seasonings industry entered a new stage of development.

Recent years, the condiment industry in particular, compound seasonings industry is at a rapid pace, to Chicken , Chicken, soup, etc. compound represented by compound seasoning has been widely used in homes, restaurants and food industry production, and the emergence of a large number of music such as his wife, Lee Kum Kee and other famous brands.

Glory, said compound seasonings industry, market potential, the scale more than 100 billion yuan. Professional Committee of complex seasonings in government and business to play bridge and link between the active role in promoting the healthy development of the industry.

The early 80s of last century, almost all goods and materials are scarce, especially spices, compared with foreign countries to be behind three decades. At that time, almost no complex sauces, though some Food Research Institute published a report complex scientific data seasoning, but the real form of goods at that time, accepted by consumers, and can bulk, mass, cost-effective and productive complex seasoning is almost zero.

1984, the first compound seasoning in science and technology research and development personnel, from the transformation MSG Transform the soy sauce to proceed, the use of technological means and delicious science, in that year in October with a series of complex seasonings products. However, the product is technically a bit rough, scientific and technological content is relatively low, but the development of China’s complex flavor out of a substantial first step.

Glory, said more than 20 years development, compound seasonings has made great strides. Terms of production scale, complex seasonings before 5 scale enterprise level, efficiency level, technological level has been shoulder to shoulder, or more than the first generation of enterprise level. It can be said, came in the top 20 combined seasonings business, its management, environmental standards are more than first-generation businesses. View from the shop counter, previously dominated by conventional products, the new compound seasoning only a small part; now, any of hypermarkets, supermarkets, complex spices seasoning products have occupied half, and in Package And safety of health more than the first generation of products.

According to reports, when compared with international standards, combined market share of seasoning is not small space. Japan, Korea and other countries of the complex seasonings market share has reached 70% to 90%, while China is still far behind. MSG is now the national capacity of 1.5 million tons, consumption of between 1.3 to 1.5 million tons, but only two composite seasoning 300,000 tons, and uneven.

From the market perspective, the combined treatments of soy sauce after less than 10% after combined treatment Vinegar Not to the 10% disparity. There is no doubt that, after complex treatment, replacement, forming more convenient, healthier, more delicious products, the market potential will be even greater. According to industry estimates, 1.3 billion people with per capita consumption of spices 100 calculation, complex flavor of 3 categories??? Solid compound seasoning, seasoning liquid composite, compound butter, is 130 billion yuan, which is a huge market.

Glory, said big Chinese market, so achievement of the wife happy chicken capacity and capacity sales in the world, in China Cooking oil , Soy sauce, vinegar and beer are also in the world, this is the gift of the Chinese market to the enterprise.

Serious economic crisis in the world, all walks of life are big challenges, the complex seasoning enterprises are still enjoying the spring, this is the unique market. So, as long as proper measures, composite seasoning industry has great development space. From the Development of China’s catering market, as income levels increase in the national economy, the Chinese food industry and an annual turnover of more than 2 trillion yuan, accounting for 120 billion yuan seasoning, in which 120 billion yuan in combined seasoning only accounted for 10% to 12%, the development of more space. BOLA TANGKAS