“computer Countryside” Have To Go To The Countryside After The Video Conference Software –

Responsible for stimulating domestic demand and the popularity of dual instruction in rural information “computer to the countryside,” have begun, as inextricably linked with the computer software, will also go along with “Going down the road.” Software Company For friends who grasped the actual needs of farmers and win their trust, who also win the future Market .

Software into the vast rural market, requires a holistic solution. Need to fit their needs in rural areas Product The need for fine service. Importantly, the application software package solution should help farmers use PC to open the real information, of new rural road number, such as the system can achieve Agriculture Policy , Agricultural information, agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology, pest and disease control, family planning information, medical information, covering all aspects of the software life farmers can win the favor of friends of farmers.

To Video Conference Remote expert consultation technical methods of agriculture to the agricultural information, agricultural technology, agricultural policy, “face to face” sent to family farmers, peasants do not go out and experts can be achieved, “face to face”, this way is very close to agricultural production, to the exact solution agricultural production process problems. 110 Agricultural Science and Technology of Hainan as an example of the remote expert consultation and really solves the needs of farmers in Hainan. Using this system, the Hainan and market information to members across the country linked so that you can keep abreast of the country’s agricultural market Price Speed up the flow of agricultural products, expand sales channels of agricultural products, the rural farmers increase efficiency.

In some rural areas, the low level of primary care, patients get better medical services ‘. Poor medical equipment, medical personnel and medical technology is low, experts are not willing to basic services such as a number of reasons and the new rural cooperative “minor illnesses within the village, no serious illness,” and the goal difference far. Through Network Video Meeting of experts to establish the hospital “online consultation” system, can achieve resource sharing between local hospitals to ease the uneven geographical distribution of medical resources, structural contradictions, optimizing health care network, improve health care efficiency, reduce medical costs, innovation and medical model. One of the farmers to save money, and second, timely diagnosis of disease, determine the best treatment options, network remote video consultation for the farmers to set up a convenient “network access”, enjoy the view at any time incurable diseases “expert patient” and treatment, can solve the people “see, see expert difficult” issue.

Rural migrant workers are now more and more staff, family and friends a few years have not seen side of the computer to the countryside, everyone hopes to online “get together.” This demand for software companies to provide simple and easy to use conferencing software, to achieve their online “reunion” needs.

Software to the countryside, focusing on the “software applications.” Video conferencing software to give a satisfactory answer other farmers, in addition to video conferencing vendor’s own efforts, and information needed Service providers Hardware manufacturers, telecom operators and other closely related units, proceed step by step, before the results can be rooted in the rural areas. BOLA TANGKAS