Computer Repair – Virus and Spyware Removal

A computer often faces problems like slowing down; file corruption, problems with booting, recurring error messages, automatic reboot, hang-up etc. Sometimes the problems are caused due to hardware failure which can be repaired by either replacing a certain part or correcting a certain connection. Else, the problems need to be checked by software troubleshooting.

The major things which obstruct with the normal functioning of computers are virus and spyware. A virus is a malicious software program which spreads by multiplying itself and is designed to corrupt the files of a computer thereby interfering with the working of computers. A spyware is a piece of code aimed to collect your important personal information without your knowledge and this information is sent to third parties.

Virus and spyware enter your computer by various means. Unscanned email attachments, infected floppies or CDs, software installations, downloads from untrusted sites, online games etc add to the increased risk of virus and spyware installation in your computer. The virus and spyware decrease the processor speed considerably, display unusual content and pop-ups, change the home page without your knowledge, change the registry settings and damage the important files of the PC.

One of the methods of preventing that unwanted guest in your computer is to avoid such infected medium. Read the agreement prior to downloading stuff from web sites. Keep the internet settings updated and set the security level to medium. Taking steps to prevent the computer from infection can be useful to a certain extent but that doesn’t mean that your computer is completely safe from the threats. The risk increases especially when the computer is connected to a network.

This necessitates the installation of anti-virus and anti-spyware software for every computer. There are a number of sites which offer anti-virus and anti-spyware products. But, not all are genuine and good in removing virus and spyware. Some anti-spyware software are themselves spyware. Hence be careful and install from trusted sites. Once the software is installed, it is very easy to scan and remove viruses from your PC.

All that you need to do is select the suspicious folders and run scan. It is better to scan the complete system by selecting all the drives for complete virus removal and scan. Once the scan is completed the files which are found to be virus or spyware are removed from the computer. There are anti-virus and anti-spyware products which offer real time protection. Such products prevent the malicious code from entering the PC. They automatically scan all the incoming data, files, download etc and block the virus and spyware components. They even warn you of suspicious sites and thereby offer real time protection to the computer.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware products are effective in scanning and removing virus and spyware to a great extent. Although when your PC is highly infected it may become necessary to clean and reformat the hard drive. Re-install the operating system and also a good product to protect against virus and spyware. This method makes your PC free from all the infected files. Ensure to take the necessary back up so that you will not miss any important files you previously stored.