Conducting and Forming a Promotion Dashboard

Promotion is a good reward for the employees. This is what they will want to earn in the company that they are working hard for. Most organizations offer a lot of benefits for those who are promoted to a higher position. There are some that provide a new and furnished office for the employee while the majority of the companies will provide an increase on the salary or even a new car. While that may sound very delightful for the candidates of promotion, the heads of the departments will have to face this challenge. They should be able to consider the fact that all of the employees should be regarded as suitable for the upcoming promotion. This is the main job of the promotion dashboard.

It is required that the promotion panel understands that there should be an equal opportunity for the staff to be considered for the promotion. This can be a way for them to enhance their careers in addition to the fact that they will be encouraged to advance to the next level. At every stage in the promotion procedure, the promotion panel should take note of the employees that are working in the company as part time, contractual or externally funded agreements. In this case, they are reminded that the chief aim of the organization is to treat everyone in the company with respect no matter what their race is as well as their ethnic origin, parental or marital status, gender, sexual orientation, disability, creed, political belief and age.

As a requirement prior to the submission of the promotion or any promotional text, the Head of the Department should be able to convene with the other members of the promotion dashboard. There must be individuals here that have designated tasks such as to recommend and assess the candidates. The final judgment of course lies on the highest authority in the company. This can be done through the promotion panel meetings that can feature those that have a wide range of expertise regarding the topic.

It is imperative that the promotion panel consider and consult the staff in the departmental promotion so that they can assess which among them deserves to be promoted. They can also evaluate whether their productivity has increased on the thought of the promotion. Before this can be conducted, it is important for a certain company to determine whether it is the right time to consider the upgrade of the position.

There are some companies that require the staff to provide CV so that the promotion dashboard will take into account their skills and their edge over the other candidates. This will also make the selection easier. If this is the case, it is important that the panel will be able to give a deadline for the submission for the departmental promotion so that the employees will be aware of the exact date and time. There may be favoritisms from the panel but this can be avoided especially when there is a series of promotion dashboard meetings.