Conference Software Tools And Functions

Conference Software comes in many different forms with varied functions and tools. There are plenty of conference providers to choose from which all offer conferencing with a range of different tools. To get the best for your money you need to research what the conference package offers you as a consumer.

Not all providers offer all of the functions in one package. Some do video conferencing while others dont, some offer full way text chat while others dont, some offer a record function to record your conferences while others dont, I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Video conferencing seems to be the product of choice right now. Many providers have taken advantage of video technology and the streamlined interaction experience it brings. Not all conference providers support this technology but I recommend to get the most from your package, that you choose a provider which offers full way video conferencing.

Along with full way video, I recommend full way text chat for all attendees, which can be toggled on and off. This is great for feedback and questions. Full way text chat enables you to gain feedback on the fly and interact directly with your audience.

Another function I recommend to have is the ability to record the conference and store to archives. This has proven to be very useful, especially for attendees which were unable to attend the conference. Also being able to view your conferences later, help you to improve your video conference skills and make sure you cover every topic over a series.

PowerPoint sharing is another recommended function. Every business now uses PowerPoint, and if you dont, you should. PowerPoint sharing enables you to run a PowerPoint presentation direct from the conference room. Every attendee can view and listen as you share your presentation live in the conference. You are in full control of the Presentation and can run it just like you would sharing it in an offline meeting. These work really well as everybody is familiar with PowerPoint and it comes with so many professional functions all of its own.

File sharing is another recommended function. This is a neat little tool and one of my favourites. You can share any document, file, video, image, which is currently stored on your system at the click of a button. You simply place the item in a drawer in the conference rooms interface and your attendees can remove it and save it to their own system. This is a cool function which holds great value.

Desktop sharing is another function which is recommended. You can show your desktop in your conference room for all attendees to see. This is very effective, as you can imagine. You can use this for example based discussions. Anything you can see on your desktop your attendees can see too.

Above are the recommended tools and functions you should look for when choosing your conference software. Here is a quick list of all functions. Full way video streaming, full way text chat, video sharing, file sharing, desktop sharing, browser sharing, whiteboard sharing, PowerPoint sharing, record function, language selection, members toggle options, multiple video chat. There are other functions also but the ones listed here make for a really good solid experience.

Finally, before choosing your conference provider and package, make sure you look for one which only charges you per room and not per attendee. Also find one which does not require you or your attendees to download and install software. You want one which streams live from a server so anybody can access it without OS compatibility issues.