Conical Burr Coffee Grinder – The Best of the Best in Coffee Grinders

Of all of life’s little daily choices: still or sparkling water; fries or onion rings; subs or burgers… One very easy choice will deliver you a higher quality of life, every time. If you enjoy the special aroma and flavors from freshly ground coffee beans, then in the long-standing battle between blade and burr grinders, always choose burr.

And while you’re at it, make sure to choose a conical burr coffee grinder.

Like excellent wine and the finest bourbon, the correct speed setting for grinding coffee beans is “slow” and the wait is always worthwhile. Just ground coffee beans retain their fragile flavors and aromas better when ground gently by the disks in a conical burr coffee grinder. Where the whipping and cutting of a blade grinder will turn out rough and coarse grounds (and inferior coffee), the delicate and even crushing of a conical burr coffee grinder’s disks will generate a purer, more consistent coffee with a better flavor.

Ideal if you prefer the fine delights of life.

Blade coffee grinders’ lack of exactness also causes over heating and risks scorching the coffee grounds, making them less tasty and even bitter. Overheating can happen when the blade grinder is applied for the longer periods than is required to grind the roasted beans fully for espresso-style fine coffee grounds. As there is generally no ‘fine’ setting, the only way to accomplish a finer grind is to keep the blades going for for a longer time. Regardless, the results are often lumpy, with many bigger, coarser grounds remaining in the mix — even after extended grinding.

However with a conical burr coffee grinder you can effortlessly adjust for the ideal grind.

Its gentler grinding speeds mean that it lowers the level of heat, offers better flavor sharpness and gets rid of the unintended burning of your coffee grounds. Oh, and it is much less noisy, too.

Buy Top Quality and It Only Hurts Once

But before you congratulate yourself for purchasing an ultra-cheap design, stop and think for a minute about how you may be drinking ultra-cheap tasting java in future if you do this. Surely you and your taste buds need — and deserve — the best tasting gourmet coffee that you can dream of?

If not, you might as well drink instant or gas station coffee.

Don’t neglect the influence that great coffee might have on your social interactions too. When word circulates that your coffee is the best in the office, you might be fighting drop-in guests off with a stick. Okay, maybe this is not such a great thing. Maybe you just want to always keep it to yourself as your own exclusive treat when you want to spoil yourself. It really is your choice.

A conical burr coffee grinder is a great investment that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Like fine tailoring, good cuisine, handmade shoes and your favorite writing pen, the perfect coffee is, simply put, worth every penny.