Connecting With Intuition

There are many ways to connect with your inner knowing. Taking a walk or star gazing or holding a loved one can serve to powerfully support reconnection with the conviction of your inner knowing. How many times have you known what to do only to ignore that inner voice and regretted not listening after the fact?

There are many times every day we are given the opportunity to heed our internal guidance system and too often too many of us ignore the clarity of our knowing. What a world it would be if we all listened to our own guidance and listened less to a world that often seeks to guide us to conformity and demands we give our power away to “experts and gurus”. We live in a world that in large part trusts anything outside the scope of intuition. How is it we have come to distrust our own powerful guidance in favor of a degree on someone’s wall?

Reconnecting with the inner voice, your source of true power is the best thing that you can do to be a positive change in this world. Take the time to do something relaxing and distracting. A simple distraction that inspires joy and quiets the mind briefly enough from the onslaught of to do lists, daily chores and other demands can help you gain traction in the present moment and to actually hear that inner voice. When you hear that voice once…try asking a pertinent question and await a reply.

Acting on these “soul responses” enough will show you that you can trust yourself. When you trust yourself you can trust others and the universe at large. Trust begets love. We know what love can do to make this world a better place. Listen to that guidance, love and trust yourself and the world will respond in the most amazing ways. Reconnect now and be the powerful creator you came here to be.