Conscious Capitalism, Entrepreneurs and Attraction Marketing

There is a growing movement called “Conscious Capitalism” and there are no better participants to this noble movement than Entrepreneurs. Conscious Capitalism dreams of a time when the separation between doing business and doing good no longer exists. When entrepreneurs will care about the bottom line as much as optimizing the value that they bring to all the constituents in their business (employees, customers, suppliers etc…)

Internet entrepreneurs are the best placed entrepreneurs to participate effectively in this growing and noble movement for the following reasons:

1. They understand how powerful adding value to their prospects is/has been to them and to their business. If they are using the attraction marketing model in their business, they already understand the concept of providing more value than you get paid for and how that has attracted loyal and responsive customers to them and their business. So, they already practice “giving value” to the people they come in contact with through their marketing (blogs, articles, sales letters etc…).

2. They understand the concept of the servant leader: “the more people you help achieve their goals, the more solid your business is”. This is especially true for internet marketers involved in direct sales but who also seek to build a residual income (work once and get paid multiple times). Their residual income is directly linked to how well they serve their team/prospects.

3. In no other industry have people achieved phenomenal results in a record time in terms of income generation than in internet marketing. Successful online marketers who use effective marketing systems have generated thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. Similar results take months and years in other industries. Like any other person, once their needs are taken care of, they have the freedom, the resources and the heart to look around and make the necessary steps to widen the circle of people who are positively influenced by their optimum profits.

4. Most effective internet marketers use an automated system to run their business. That gives them leverage over their time and mobility in their day to day business operation. Their flexibility in terms of time, money & mobility puts them in a very enviable & unique position to be able to get involved in organizations/charities/projects that take conscious capitalism to all corners of the world, thus accelerating its positive effect and view as the most just, productive, sustainable way of doing business.

Conscious capitalism in a nutshell: