Consequences of Divorce on Children – Be Aware of What You Kids Will Go Through

When couples are divorcing not only do they have to consider what effect it will have on them, but on any children they may have had together. Although quite a large number of children are able to cope with their parents divorcing, there are plenty of others who cannot. When it comes to a couple dealing with the consequences of divorce for children there is lot of information and advice available online that could prove very useful indeed.

Below we take a look at the types of things that the children of couples who are divorcing will be faced with and which can affect them. If their parents are aware of what these are they will then be able to help their children cope with them more effectively.

1. When parents are divorcing children are having to learn to cope with the change of situation and realizing that nothing will be the same for them anymore. Along with learning to cope with one of their parents no longer being around constantly (every day) it may mean they lose contact with other members of their extended family, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

2. The children of these parents may initially feel as if the parent who is leaving the family home is abandoning them. This is certainly a problem that many younger children will find very hard to cope with. So it is crucial that the parent leaving ensures that they clearly explain to the child their reasons for leaving home and explaining that they are more than welcome to visit them where they now live. A great way of making them feel as if they haven’t been abandoned is to take some personal items from their family home and place them in the home where the parent who has left now lives.