Constipation And Irregular Bowl Movements Treatment

People pursue their normal life at a certain time you are constipation complaints from the complaint is not a random element. Some small accumulation of negative factors provides the formation of these complaints. Increased, especially in today’s fast pace of modern life is increasing negativity about constipation. In addition to the body and personality, and a regular lack of adequate nutrition, fluid intake should be less, exercise program and the lack of toilet habits, other factors such as the one by constipated candidate can do. Occur more frequently in later years to be protected from these dangers to the following issues need attention.

* Strain to increase fiber consumption: people who work in big cities, especially the transportation problem to make up for lost times shorten the period of food and eating habits have to change are staying. Working life is an example of the fast life style fast-food and other fast menus fat, carbohydrate and protein but rich life is from the poor. Life bowel by causing swelling of the contents of the large intestine shortens the transition period. To perform normal colon life should be 20 grams per day. 3 grams of a medium size apple, half cup spinach 2 grams, 0.8 grams fiber of white bread slices are contained. All that can be digested sugar, milk and meat products contain very little fiber require to taken up life from the very life of the rich food sources is more important than knowledge. Some types of vegetables more edible fiber, fruits and grains are available in.

* Adequate fluid removal: Daily fluid needs-normal temperature and mobility with a minimum 1.5-liter (8 cup) liquid must be taken. Environmental or body temperature and increase mobility in this amount should be increased. In the event of bowel contents are less liquid hardens, stool in the bowel progress becomes difficult, constipation, or to create a cause of complaints increased. Environmental and body temperature and more with daily activities to increase the amount of liquid must be taken. Summer days in daily fluid needs 4.5 liters (24 glasses of water) is reached.

* Adequate physical activity: Usually sitting in an office doing those abdominal muscles such as weight loss, bowel movements are also slow down. Weakening of the abdominal muscles makes it difficult to defecation.

* Daily stress: Increased stress in daily life activities of gastric intestinal system leads to an overall slowing down… Make a stressful job and an uneasy workplace worker who complains of constipation is one of the more common reasons.

* Regular nutrition: Food of the stomach during food and stuffed with a thick between bowel movements are a close interest. Which enabled us to wake up at a particular time in the morning, our body rhythms, such as gastric intestinal system also works in a particular order, and has set itself according to the rhythm. Regularity of feeding time, stomach intestinal system in accordance with these rhythms can cause it to run. Nutrition of the irregular hours that can make us constipation candidate.

* Ensuring regular toilet habits: because of the workflow, after evacuation to create a sense of going to the bathroom and unable to delay the bowel evacuation is a negative impact on the system. Accumulated in the last part of the stool thick intestine, especially the expansion of this section, bowel and pelvic floor muscle blocking can cause the weakening of muscles and the defecation reflex. These negative changes are an important factor in the formation constipation. Work and function of excreting thick intestines as stated in the previous paragraph is closely related with the biological rhythm. Needs a certain time of day people usually are correct. If there is such a scheme of this order should be continued. Such a scheme is not available or constipation breakfasts in 15 minutes immediately after defecation do like returning to exercise, as soon as possible for thick intestine will create a new rhythm of defecation. Strengthen the abdominal muscles, defecation function can be controlled.

* To know and to understand the factors constipation: constipation most important factor in protection of these factors is to know and to understand. In other words, put into practice in everyday life is known. Can be most easily controlled factors, the habit of taking food and fluids, daily mobility is at last. This process must be implemented as a program rather than have to live naturally.