Constructing And Using a Grape Trellis

If you want to grow grapes, then it is necessary to build and use a grape trellis, which is a structure supporting your grape vine when they grow. As grape vines grow and bear fruit, they are not very sturdy. A trellis can help guide the vines as well as support them.


The construction of a grape trellis is really up to the owner.  Sometimes, functionality of the trellis is important especially if you are looking to grow grapes professionally.  At other times, the trellis is designed not only as a supportive framework for the vines but also as a decorative addition to the owner’s garden.


If you are aiming at adding a grape trellis to your garden to make it look more inviting, there are available ready-made trellises that you can purchase.  However, if you would like to venture into constructing the trellis yourself, then you can follow this guide on how to make simple fence-like trellis.


The first thing you need to consider is whether you have enough space to grow grape vines as they grow very large.  If you can only accommodate one or two vines, an arbor is a good enough structure for the vines to trellis along.  An arbor necessitates a couple of posts about ten feet long, two feet under the ground as base.  The posts need to be about eight feet apart, with two lengths of galvanized steel wire running in between.


Larger trellises require more work, as you will need to construct catch wires as well.  Each of your grape vines will need eight-foot trellises. You need to make sure that the trellises are ready before you plant your grape vines.  The materials you need to use are the following: pre-treated wood, PVC pipes, stainless steel or aluminum. These materials are better because you need to take weather conditions into consideration.  They are ready to stand up to changes in the temperature and the weather, plus animals and other pests will not destroy them.


When your grape vines are growing, you will need to encourage them to follow the grape trellis you have built.  This is easy; you just need to guide the new stems to run on the trellis. While constructing your trellis, keep sunlight and wind directions in mind.