Construction Projects In Dubai: Great Works Done By Great Construction Companies In Dubai

Whenever you pick up the newspaper or surf on internet regarding construction project information in Dubai, there are some new project lunches taking place. Construction work in Dubai is being done everyday with new project launches. Most of the buildings are about 40-storey or 50-storey or more and Dubai already holds the record of having the tallest building in the world. It is the reason that has brought 16% of the cranes in Dubai. A construction company in Dubai really has to provide the supreme quality work in order to survive the toughest competition and there is no doubt about the quality work done by these renowned Dubai construction companies.

Steel formworks are one of the basic elements used in construction projects in Dubai. It is an undeniable fact that a building can not be built without the formworks. Steel formworks are quite reliable for the making of strengthened construction while steel formwork also leaves the finer surface. Any construction company in Dubai does not compromise over the quality of steel formworks. Other than steel formworks, the timber formworks are also used in the construction projects Dubai.

The property experts can see a clearer, better and brighter future of construction companies in Dubai as the number of construction projects are growing day by day. It is also a piece good news for the property investors as there will be many more opportunities for them too.

In the most leading construction companies in Dubai include Arabian Construction Company, Al Naboodah, Kanoor, Nakeel Group, Dutco Group, Dubai Contracting Company (DCC) and Emaar. All of these construction companies have made remarkable construction projects in all over Middle East.

Some of the leading under construction and complete project include Burj Khalifa, Al Burj, The Rotating Tower, The World Islands, The Palm Islands, The Universe Islands, Dubai Towers, Burj al-Arab, The Pentominium, Burj al Alam, DAMAC Heights, East Park 07 Tower, East Park 15 Tower, Hydropolis, and Ski Dubai.

Burj Khalifa is the most talked about and currently the tallest building in the world, developed by Emaar. Al Burj, proposed Nakeel Group, by could be the taller tower than Burj Khalifa, the project was closed due to financial problems.

The Rotating Tower also known as The Dynamic Tower is a proposed project to be built in Dubai. The towers have been designed by David Fisher and the developers are Dynamic Architecture. This is a unique idea in which each floor will rotate resulting in s different shape of the floor every time.

The World Islands, a construction project Dubai by Nakheel Group, is a scattered range of manmade islands which form the world map. The model island has already been built for buyers. Renowned David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, etc. are associated with The World Islands in terms of endorsements, investment or affiliation. The Palm Islands are yet another feather in the cap of Nakheel Group which includes Palm Deira, Palm Jumeirah, and Palm Jebel Ali. The next construction projects Dubai by Nakheel Group will be The universal Islands.

The Hydropolis is a proposed construction project of the world’s first underwater hotel and resort. It is being expected that it will be rated as 10-star hotel which will as lobe the first of its kind.

There is an endless list of complete, under-construction and proposed construction projects in Dubai which indicates the charm of real estate business and construction companies in Dubai.
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