Consumer Loyalty, Customer Service, and Branding Perspectives Considered

Well, you can certainly ask a branding expert or PR consultant how things are out there, they’ll tell you; “rough” as during the recession there are only half the high paying serious customers out there since mid 2008. Still, the strong survive in the marketing, promotion, and world of brands. Not long ago, a super star of the branding world with degrees in philosophy, organizational management, politics and economics made an interesting statement to me.

She said that the theoretical discussions around brand loyalty these days are interesting, but also indicated that many of the perspectives and theories out there are older than the buzz-words the industry sector is pushing. Indeed, you know what; She’s Right! Anyone in the marketing field right now must be ready to embrace the new media if they are to do their customers any justice, and if you are in the field you ought to be thinking here.

Someone needs too. I must have dozens of books on branding, 75 books on marketing, and countless books on PR, promotion, and advertising and they more often than not disagree with each other. I find the discourse and theory interesting, but it seems obvious that some of these branding and marketing schemes are only working due to the massive flow of money into advertising agencies, PR, promotion, and marketing firms rather than a super star branding effort.

Which is okay, I suppose, do whatever works, still, as an entrepreneurial type, I’d say there is quite a bit of bad advice out there, a lot of waste, and some Fosbury Flops that fall short of the cross bar. We are in a recessionary period and things just are not the same anymore, so consultants to businesses need to do more with less and that requires originality, hard work and a real understanding of shifts that happen.

And companies cannot forget their over 55-customers either, they must be continually engaged; yes, online as well. It’s a huge group and luckily not all is lost when marketing online to this segment, as many older folks are embracing social networking, it’s one of the fastest movers by percentage, this segment is. Please consider all this.