Cookie Diet Elaborated

In the process of dieting, we limit ourselves to the intake of only those food nutrients which are beneficial to us. In the case of professionals like sportsperson and actors, they are compelled to take up a strict diet regimes. Cookie diet is one such kind of a diet with the help of which we acquire the desired nutrient.cookie diet is a diet plan in which you have to eat cookies in appropriate quantities and at fixed times to obtain the nutrients. Meals are replaced with cookies. These cookies which are taken in place of meals help us to control our hunger. There are many cookie diets in the market today like Smart for life cookie diet, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, Hollywood Cookie Diet and R&D Diet Cookie.
Dr.Siegal’s Cookie Diet was produced by Dr. Siegal who is a renowned weight lose expert, physician and author. He conducted vast research on the subject of dieting and food before bringing this diet plan in market in the year 1975. His experience with his patients also contributed to his knowledge and vigilance with which he produced his own diet plan called Dr.Siegal’s cookie diet. Since the time it has come in the market, it has had many buyers who have been invariably benefited by it. It has been 35 years now and ever since it has proved effective on people. This diet plan has been advantageous to 500,000 dieters around the globe. It has also had hundreds of doctors as its users . There have also been instances of these doctors recommending this cookie diet to their patients. It has turned out to be beneficial to an immense number of people worldwide. The book “Is your thyroid making you fat ” which has elaborated the impact of thyroid on the body was written by Dr.Siegal. It was read by thousands of readers specially health enthusiasts and provided them with vital information. This plan. These cookies are eaten as a replacement for meals and they provide the body with vital nutrients and energy. People following this diet plan need to take only dinner. With this they have to take sufficient amount of liquids. Although it is a very low calorie diet, it is not short of any nutrient. An approximate calorie count of this diet is 800 calorie per day. Along with this, the carbohydrates intake is near about 70 grams per day. All these vital information takes us to the conclusion that this diet plan is very low in calorie and carbohydrates. These reason further ads to its relevance and popularity in the market and among people. BOLA TANGKAS