Cooking With An Induction Stock Pot Range

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of operating a busy commercial kitchen is efficiency. Not only do hungry diners expect delicious, flawless meals, but they also want their food served promptly and fresh. Yet quality food often takes time, and rushing can lead to undercooked meats, thin sauces and cold vegetables.

Induction stock pot ranges can speed the cooking process. The ranges are designed for high volume boil and simmer applications, ideal for the commercial kitchen that must make large amounts of food and keep up with ongoing food orders. Read on to learn about the benefits of induction stock pot ranges, induction cooking technology, and additional induction cooking solutions.

Benefits of Induction Stock Pot Ranges:
Induction stock pot ranges have the power and capability to heat food quickly, accurately and efficiently. Advanced models, can boil a gallon of water in just 150 seconds and five gallons of water in 12 minutes or less. Precise control settings allow for accurate simmers, so that consistent heat can be maintained once boiling point is reached. Durable construction, from stainless steel housings to thick glass ceramic cooktop surfaces, is strong enough to withstand the daily rigors of commercial kitchens. Induction stock pot ranges heat the pan itself, with no open flames or hot coils, leaving the surface cool to the touch for a safer and cleaner kitchen.

What Is Induction Cooking?:
Induction is changing the way foodservice professionals cook and serve food, with heating technology that cooks food quickly, safely and accurately while also saving energy. By generating an alternating electromagnetic current, the induction unit excites iron molecules in the pan to heat the pan directly, not the unit itself or the air around it. The energy produced is similar to the heat formed when rubbing one’s hands together. Induction cooking is a more efficient method of cooking than traditional gas or electric range cooking, which deliver only 30 to 50 percent of the energy they draw to the pan, while induction ranges deliver 90 to 95 percent.

Induction Cooking Solutions:
In addition to commercial induction stock pot ranges that can boil large amounts of water in just seconds, other types of induction cooking products are improving kitchens worldwide. Countertop cooktop ranges allow for more flexible workspaces, and invisible under counter induction buffet warmers bring sleek professionalism to the buffet table. There are also heated food delivery systems, which keep food and pizzas hot during delivery for fresh service every time. BOLA TANGKAS