Coping With Fitness Obstacles With 3 Ways

In our dog-eat-dog world, staying fit and healthy is always a very difficult question to answer. And the truth is that time, energy along with courage are what you need to gain fitness for yourself.


There is no mountain high enough that cannot be conquered, as quoted by Tom Turner, Spina Bifida Association’s executive liaison. All one needs is the right kind of perspective. Tom is a man of great strengths. He knows what courage is. At the age of 35 he trains three times per week, despite his congenital paralysis from waist down.


There are 3 basic principle goals when aiming for fitness, according to Tom:


Principle 1: Don’t back down & face what you fear


You have to believe in yourself and the fact that you can overcome anything if you try hard enough. Face your fears head on. This first rule recommends identifying your discomfort zones.


What about your level of fitness? Are you in or out of shape? If you’re out of shape do you have the courage to accept it? Is it an injury that is holding you back? Or is it something else? You need to get your fears in check and learn to face them. Visualize yourself as you would like to be.


Your body is yours, and it’s the only one you have or will get. Learn how to love it by listening to it and trusting it.


Principle 2: Move on instinct


Trust that your instinct, whatever it is telling you, is correct. It is the small voice that comes from inside you, which should never be ignored. Do not look to others for input or guidance. Look for signs from within your being, and trust that it will tell you what to or what not to do.


The first step to overcoming a challenge is to know and recognize your boundaries. What can or can’t you do? As with Tom, he never let a wheelchair stop him from doing whatever he wanted to. Instead, he recognized his limitation and overcame it. Know your restrictions and that way you will know how to overcome them.


Principle 3: Don’t let fear take away the joy out of life


One has to have the courage to face ones fears. As Tom mentioned, he has been through 19 operations in his lifetime and has realized that the most primal fear of any living creature is death. You can either choose to let that fear of dying one day hold you down, or you can live the time you have here happily and productively. The choice is always yours; just make sure you select the right one.


If you allow it, fear will take away the joys of life. Hold a positive attitude and look forward to what tomorrow will bring. Face your fears and live to be free of them.


In Conclusion:


Live outside the box; don’t limit yourself and do not, under any circumstances, under estimate yourself. When you have achieved one success, find another hurdle to jump. Make your life fun to live. Take time off to decide what you will do next.


Find your zest in life to make it worth living and add the flavor of enjoyment to it.