Copyright Lawyer

Copyright is the exclusive right granted to an author of a work for a limited duration. Copyright lawyers protect the copyright in literary, dramatic and musical works, artistic work, Cinematograph films-including sound track and video films. Copyright protection is extended by Intellectual Property Law Firms. A Copyright lawyer provides legal advocacy regarding copyright protection.
A Copyright lawyer provides assistance in acquiring registration for a copyright. This involves preparation of the various documents for submission, executing the same and filing the relevant documents by the copyright lawyer at the Copyright Office, which is situated in New Delhi.
A Copyright lawyer may also guide his client with preliminary advice for the viability of the copyright. Intellectual Property Law Firms through their copyright lawyers also provide services to ensure that a client does not violate the copyright of others.
An intellectual property law firm may also provide legal support for transferring the ownership of a copyright from the original author to another. An experienced copyright lawyer may be able to draft watertight assignment deeds transferring the ownership of the copyright work. Transfer of the copyright may be for the entire world or a particular territory, for the full term of copyright or for a shorter specified part of it and including either a sum of all the rights or a part of it.
A copyright lawyer may handle legal disputes involving infringement of copyright. There are both Civil and Criminal Remedies for infringement of copyright in a work.Civil remedies include injunction, damages and account of profits, whereas criminal remedies include imprisonment and fine.
The function of a copyright lawyer also extends to drafting of contracts for recording artists as well as recording companies in order to prevent liabilities that may arise in the course of business. A Copyright lawyer also drafts and negotiates non-compete agreements for recording studios and artists.
The author of a copyright may grant some of the rights in a copyright by way of a license. Unlike the rights transferred in assignment, a license does not transfer the rights of ownership of the work to the transferee. A Copyright Lawyer who is attuned with the law will be able to assist in the drafting, vetting and negotiation of copyright licenses.