Copywriting Service – The Five Essentials of a Great Copywriting Service

The power of a great copywriting service can’t be overstated. The great mail order houses and information publishers have been built on one thing – dynamic copy that channels the desire of a market toward their products.

If your copywriting service gives you flat, lifeless copy…you’ll be hard up against it to have a profitable promotion. It really boils down to what the prospect does when they hit your sales page. Of course, copy isn’t the most important part of a great campaign–but it’s often the deciding factor in whether someone breaks out their wallet or ignores your offer.

Neither one of us wants people to ignore your product. You’ve put time, effort and money into making it great and don’t want people to shrug with apathy about it. Let’s avoid that. Allow me to give you five sure fire ways to spot a good copywriting service for you…  

1. They Will Have a Good Self Promotion Process

Huh? Yeah really! Think about it… If someone can’t promote themselves, do you really think they can promote you and your stuff? Do you think they can understand their place in the overall marketing process? Do you honestly believe they can help you with your funnel to get the most customers possible? No, they probably can’t. Instead, find someone that has a lead generation process in place, a good sales letter and some sort of follow-up system.

2. They Will Be Native to the Region You Are Trying to Reach

This is often overlooked, but very important. UK copywriters often don’t understand North American slang and vice versa. Using cultural figures of speech is often a way to add resonance to copy. Also, understanding the way words are used in different regions can keep your copy from looking down right silly.

3. They Will Ask For a Fair Fee

By fair, I mean they will demand a fee that lines up with the value they provide. If an intermediate copywriter offers nothing else than a single piece of copy, they can ask for one fee. However, if the same copywriter offers the copy, gives you elements to test, helps you with your marketing process and performs systematic and thorough research–they should demand a larger fee. No matter what, their copy should give back multiples of their fee. So in the end, if you pay with peanuts, expect to get monkeys.  

4. They will have a Solid Grasp of Direct Marketing

Of course, this lines up with having a good self promotion process. But it goes deeper than that. Understanding Direct Marketing is essential to being able to take copy and use it in the most effective way for your business. If your business has sales reps or affiliates, the use of copy will be much different than if you’re driving traffic to a site via AdWords or sending a mail piece.

5. Market, Not Product Centered in their Research

Really, any decent copywriter will be able to make something sound good. They will be able to take your product and break it down into great selling benefits. But a great copywriter will go one big step further–they will completely understand the market they are reaching before they write the first letter. Again, great copywriting is about taking the existing desires of a market and channeling it toward your product.