Cosmetic Tips for Women with a face that has acne

Nobody wants to make friends with the ‘Mr. Acne ‘it is never welcome nor appropriate. He likes attention and marking their presence to remind you … How should we treat you when you visit our face or skin?

First you have to know the possible reasons for acne affects you:

1. inheritance
2. hormones
3. emotions
4. environment

Skin care products you should consider:

• non-comedogenic (which does not cause spines)
• Fat Free
• water-based or water


Remember that the most important is the treatment … makeup goes into the background! We recommend using specialized products and medicated creams that contain color or base to hide the acne.

Corrective makeup to consider


• Use mild base, preferably liquid, water-based. Apply sparingly as excess highlights more acne.
• Discard the powder because it gives a matte appearance to the face, which also highlights the brands. Maybe it’s a natural texture and remove the shine on the skin.


• Use shades of pink blush to create balance in the skin color. It is recommended that comes in water-based gel or low oil.
• To have a special event, use soft green corrector to neutralize the redness of the skin, then put the soft core.


• To cover the reddish hue can use specialized medical products.


• The eyes should always be neutral, never use harsh or reddish colors because they highlight the red acne on the rest of the face.
• The focus on your makeup will be the eyes, especially the eyelashes. Extrude as much as possible.


• Always wear light colors, preferably ‘brightness’ (gloss).


• Always clean, fine and clear to soften facial features. The size of these will be according to the distance of the eyes.


• Never use reds, dark black or copper. Selected medium and light colors to soften the features, and are not orange bases. If you like the blond, that does not look yellow, but natural.
• Avoid large amounts of gel and fixers because they contain oils. If you use too much, the fat down to the front and runs to the outer edges of the eyes which worsens the situation.
• In order to curl hair do not use ‘donkey’ or bangs. (They promote acne on the forehead.)