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Regulation of water use costs the United States

water shortages worldwide HC Environmental Network Since the winter of 2008, wheat-growing areas of northern China a serious droughts. The drought in scope, length of time, wheat and other crops were affected much of the history of rare. Although superficially, this drought is not as Shanbengdelie like earthquakes, but it directly to China’s food production and people’s daily lives, a threat for the people once again sounded the alarm for the water crisis.

In China, water resources total about 2.8 trillion cubic meters, ranking sixth in the world. However, due to the large population, per capita water share of the world average is only 1 / 4, is the world’s most water-short countries. As of the late 20th century, more than 600 cities in China have more than 400 existing water shortage problems, more serious water shortages over 110 cities across the country in urban areas is the total of 60 billion cubic meters. With further population growth and people’s living standards, China’s future will be more severe water crisis.

In fact, water shortage has plagued the world is becoming a widespread problem. So, in order to solve the water shortage problem, the measures taken in other countries do?

Australia: improving water use efficiency Since 2002, Australia was the country’s history has been the most plagued by severe drought, for which so many big cities have restrictions on water use. In Melbourne, the Government prohibited the residents to their own pool of water injection. In the dry climate in Brisbane, residents must be permitted in outdoor water use.

To combat the worst drought in Australia’s agricultural production. In 2007, the history of the continuing drought in Australia, a rare central area of rice production agriculture sharply, hitting the lowest since 1927. Australian government clearly recognizes that even the most active and resolute in taking the methods and means, it is impossible in a short time to reverse the water shortage situation, the only viable means as much as possible to improve water use efficiency. To this end, they launched a northern Victoria last five years, up to 1.3 billion cost of the plan, the region has for centuries a thorough renovation of irrigation systems, using computer-controlled irrigation channels in order to significantly reduce the waste of water resources . So far, the region’s irrigation systems waste water has been reduced by 30%, enjoyed some success.

United States: the cost of regulation and control of water

Las Vegas used to be the most serious waste of water resources throughout the United States one of the cities, urban water use is almost twice that of New York and other cities. Extravagant use of water led to Las Vegas, the main source of living water?? Declining water level in Lake Mead, now has more than 360 m in 2000 down to 330 meters. Research institutes have predicted, with the intensification of global warming and the rising demand for water to Lake Mead by 2021 is very likely completely dry.

In order to effectively deal with the growing water crisis in Las Vegas, in early 2008, the local water authorities to increase the price of water in the region, and the size of water for users to develop a different price range?? less water consumption water users up 17%, while water and more users will exceed the highest price increases 30%. In addition, there was even a Las Vegas street water police, specifically on people’s illegal use of water for control. For example, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the day are not allowed to use any automatic sprinkler, residents can only water their own turf by spray device can be used instead of direct red pipe. Water Police patrol the streets, will soon find the phenomenon of illegal use of water-related information will be recorded on the spot. If the situation is serious, the parties may be punished by a fine of more than one thousand U.S. dollars.

Proved in practice that adopted a series of positive and effective water-saving measures, water consumption in Las Vegas with some improvement. According to the survey, although since 2002 the city’s population increased by 300,000, but the current urban water use had decreased, but, because of the water supply system caused by water leakage of waste less than 5%.