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Most of the international cargo transported in the present world makes use of air and water mediums as the ways of transport. Air ways and water ways are considered more economical than road ways for shipping goods on international level. There are a number of companies offering air cargo services and sea cargo services for international transport of goods at minimum fares. But a highly reliable and fast service is what everyone desires from a cargo and logistics services provider. This is what Fastway excels at. Fastway Worldwide Express, India is one such international cargo and logistics specialist who provides most competitive and highly reliable air freight services and sea freight services for quicker and assured transport of the goods.

International air freight cargo and logistics services
Air transport is a vital component for international goods transportation and logistics. Fastway provides air freight services for cargo shipping and exporting the bulk goods to foreign countries in well planned and economical way. With dedicated professionals who can ship valuable commodities with utmost professionalism and ease, we are one of the best freight shipping solutions providers in India, known for offering authentic international freight shipping solutions for cargo transportation.  Focused on core competency, our air freight forwarding services are most versatile cargo services that have the ability to accommodate each customer’s special handling and freight shipping requirements. Whatever is your requirement either door-to-door or airport-to-airport service, our air freight division is available all the time for 365 days of year to provide round the clock air freight shipping solutions to match your deadlines. Accompanied with best features of clear transit time statement and cargo tracking services provided to the customers our international air freight cargo services are the most trustworthy and dependable shipping services in the industry. With no weight or size restrictions and customs clearance services we excel to transport logistics services worldwide for global freight management and assured transportation of goods within the specified time limits.

International sea freight cargo and logistics services
Seas are the oldest means of transport. Even in the olden times when there were no technical advancements the goods were transported in the boats through waterways. This trend of freight shipping through seas and water mediums is going till now. Seas are the most economical ways of transporting bulk goods to far off distances. With a world-class infrastructure to support sea transport, Fastway Express provides industry’s best international sea cargo services to fulfill customer’s international cargo and freight shipping needs. Whatever may be the needs either consolidated or direct sea service, the sea freight division of Fastway can provide the most reliable and outstanding sea freight services for maximum satisfaction.  With ultimate aim to provide competitive advantage to the customers, our international shipping experts strive hard to provide round the clock services for sea freight cargo shipping. Our cargo tracking services accompanied with shipping services assure of the safe and timely delivery of good and this fact can be made out from our safety records for marine cargo shipment delivery. We also offer transport logistics services through sea medium to integrate management of flow of goods, information, packaging, security and other resources required for secure and safer goods transportation.

Thus, whatever you want to move or transport either vehicle, boat, household goods or general cargo, Fastway will take care of all the aspects of your relocation needs.