Court Of Appeal Confirmed The Sentence In Wow Case

The woman put out an invitation to his birthday party at a forum on the internet. All were engaged in playing World of Warcraft, the woman had only met two of the party participants in the real world.

It was thought that four people would stay overnight at the home of the woman, but three of them left the apartment after the woman and the man had fallen asleep. An hour after that rang the man himself to SOS alarm and told me that he had killed the woman.

The man said he became extremely angry when he woke to the woman, who sat up in bed, pushed him,wow power leveling and therefore took the stranglehold on her. He let go when the woman fell to the floor and hit his head with a “muffled cracking, very unpleasant sound.” Later, he performed CPR on the woman, in accordance with instructions from SOS Alarm.

The district court concluded that it is difficult to find any rational explanation for man’s behavior. He has not himself been unable to explain his rage other than that he was angry with himself for coming into conflict with her partner by going to Stockholm against her will.

Whatever the reason that court found that the man in the act at the moment actually had an intent to deprive the woman lives. The attacks he directed against the woman was such that it must have been clear to him that his actions would lead to her death. Question was if two very powerful jaws as he released the first when he discovered that she was livsls. The man will be sentenced for willful killing.

The district court found that the attack on the woman has been totally unprovoked, and that the woman was in a situation that she had difficulty in defending. These facts spoke for themselves and for the conduct to be judged as murder. In the opposite direction told the District Court that the man acted quickly and completely against ill-considered.

Consideration must be given to the woman was not related with the man, but also to the man’s Psychological and the fact that he contacted SOS and then tried to save her life. Since there is no indication that the man acted with any particular cruelty or the killing was particularly prolonged or resulted in unnecessary suffering that court found that the act would be considered manslaughter.

The penalty for the man, who was not deemed to be suffering from serious mental illness,wow power leveling was determined to eight years in prison. He would also pay compensation to the dead woman’s family.

The Court of Appeal, which agrees with the district court’s assessment, that the procedure currently under appeal in its entirety. BOLA TANGKAS