Create Your Own Beats – The Best Things to Use

With the constant advances in beat making methods and equipment you can now create your own beats with relative ease. The question is what are the best things to use when making your own beats. In this article I will go over a few things that you can use that will help you create high quality and professional sounding tracks.

Roland MV-8800 Production Studio – If you have a little bit of money to invest (about $ 2500) the Roland MV-8800 would be a great piece of equipment to get to create your own beats. It is a all in one solution for making beats that allows you to create beats, mix, master and burn your projects on to a CD. I personally like this machine because of it’s large library of sounds that come inside it’s internal hard drive. If you enjoy using sound trigger pads similar to the ones found on a Akai MPC you definitely will enjoy making beats on the MV-8800.

Roland Fantom G6 Sampling Workstation – Even though this beat making workstation has a pretty hefty price tag at around $ 2600 the quality that you are getting is top notch. This is one of rolands newest keyboard workstations that combines all of their product best features to create one monster of a machine. You will be able to create your own beats using some of the most innovative sounds that I have ever heard as a beat maker. I also recommend this piece of equipment because of it’s ease to use. It really makes it fairly simple to start producing tracks right out of the box which I know is a big plus for many beat makers. You can get a instructional dvd as well with the Fantom G6 that will show you in detail how to use it, but it is not necessary to get.

Sonic Producer – Sonic Producer is a piece of software that allows to make beats right from your very own computer. This is a much more economical way to create your own beats then the above mentioned. For about $ 30 you will have access to thousands of sounds developed specifically for hip hop production and will be able to use them to create your own original tracks from their members area. If you are on a tight budget this would be a great way to get started making nice sounding beats.

There are tons of things that can be used to create your own beats, but the things that I have listed in this article to me are some of the best options out there to get the job done.