Creative Lens and Your Point of View

Point of View, perspective, perception: all have something to do with how we see things, and of course a lens is what we see through to focus -whether from our eyes (and brain) or a viewing device. Point of view deals with vantage point, perspective deals with what we see within contexts (internal or external) and inter-relationships, and perception has to do with conceptual filters, insights, and interpretations.

On a recent visit to the Canadian wilderness, I had a cabin perched on a lovely pine-rimmed pond with a mountain backdrop. What a sight to awaken to! Depending on whether relaxing in the log-fired hot-tub, journaling from the deck chair or ogling sunrise through the picture window, the view was slightly different, if always breathtaking. Different trees were front and center stage or blended into the whole symphonic scene accordingly.

As in life, our point of view, or vantage point, affects how we experience what we see ourselves, or what other people viewing the same scene from another aspect see and experience. This relates equally to how we and others experience the same people or issues or opportunities. Part of becoming an excellent thinker is to have a repertoire of thinking and creative lenses through which to view the world…purposely looking from multiple perspectives to get the best grasp of anything we encounter. Yes, this requires mental discipline and self-leadership. And while the first step is to have a willingness to make the effort, there is also some skill involved. You ideally learn a range of thinking tools, then refine your finesse in how to use each one and when to use them in combination for maximum mental movement.

Next thing you know, you’ll be the one about whom your colleagues say, “what a creative hotshot” or “she’s always so understanding and fair”, or “man, he’s such a good thinker”.

I have designed a new workshop, InSight Frames, that introduces a series of thinking and creative lenses (frames) to provide easy access to slices of information to make faster and better sense of any situation- for problem solving, analysis, understanding or creative idea generation. InSight Frames provides a format for you to further develop multiple aspects of your creative resilience.

Do have a look at for more information and consider joining our workshop!