Criminal Law Issues – We Have a Problem When Lawyers Think of Themselves As Marshals

Many people become lawyers because they see injustices in the world and they want to make a difference. They want to see that certain laws are upheld, while decrying other laws. This is very noble indeed from a philosophical perspective. For instance, these individuals wish to help the world, unfortunately many young lawyers do not understand the world well enough to realize what they might end up doing would actually cause harm.

When lawyers seek to use the law to punish people that they feel are causing injustices or doing something that they feel is not right, they use their power as a lawyer almost like a policeman uses their badge to enforce the law. But lawyers are not policeman and they are not marshals. This is activism, and these lawyers when they become judges or politicians are really problematic to our society.

Not long ago, the president said in a speech to a nonprofit activist group; you have a friend in the White House and they took it to mean; “You Have an Activist Friend in the White House!” The room was filled with activists, which were lawyers, along with leaders from the nonprofit groups that were the definition of an activist organization.

Apparently, the president of the United States Barack Obama has promised that his administration will support grassroots type organizations that are activists in nature. This is rather interesting, because this is the first time any of Administration or president has promised to support any activist organization in public. In a way many people believe that our president is an activist himself.

He worked with ACORN and helped to organize groups of people to march or protest various rules and laws that they felt were unjust. Power to the people they proclaimed, and they marched on. If you’ll recall Mr. Obama, as an activist lawyer in Chicago had sued Citigroup to make sure that they would make loans to minorities so they can buy homes without discriminating.

Unfortunately, this caused Citigroup due to this lawsuit to make loans to people that could not afford, could not qualify, and would never pay back the mortgages that they took out. We all know what happened with the subprime lending fallout that collapsed our economy. This is just one little historical example of what happens when lawyers think of themselves as enforcers and use their ability and positions in activist way. Please consider all this.