Critical Of Foreign Languages And Students Exchange Programme In MBA

With globalization, the job of teachers of MBA students is not only to groom managers and entrepreneurs for tomorrow, but “international managers”, who can function in any MNC and international businesses in India and abroad with ease.
But how can this in fact be accomplished?

This will be feasible only through incorporating soft abilities and foreign languages in students of MBA institutes.

It has often been stated that the language of company is English. Not anymore. With the
widespread use of net and escalating localization, a lot more and much more people are carrying out organization in their own respective languages. Nowadays, the language you will use will rely on who is your interlocutor in front of you. If you want to do enterprise with China, find out Chinese with France, speak French.

Take for instance- French and French Culture.
In a French worldwide business, do not take it for granted that everybody will speak English. Some French men and women will speak English of course, but, like you, they have learnt English to facilitate company, and not for any other purpose. Consequently, anytime you perform with French men and women who speak English with you, remember that they would rather be speaking their own language- they are only speaking in English for your convenience!

So, for far better operate relations and smoother integration of Indo-French teams in French MNCs, languages are becoming taught each approaches: English to the French workers, and French to the Indian staff.

To type those actual and genuine “global managers”, teaching of foreign languages and building cross-cultural awareness should start off at the organization schools. Selections like French, German and Chinese have to be offered to students as credit courses, which will not only give them an added value in their placements with MNCs and foreign businesses, but also open up possibilities at an international level for them through the knowledge of an additional language and culture.

Students Exchange Applications in leading B-schools play an equally crucial part. A survey was carried out in some of the very best B- schools in Delhi and NCR to find out the benefit of conducting student exchange programs.
From the responses to the questionnaire and the focus group interview carried out, it was clear that the program benefited the students in some of the following ways:

1)Get rid of prejudices and intercultural communication barriers
two)Enhance the Cultural intelligence of the students
3)Give students international exposure and networking possibilities with their respective counterparts

At the end of the day, the much more we do to increase cultural intelligence and awareness no matter whether in the workplace or in MBA colleges by means of “foreign language or culture” courses, or by encouraging Student Exchange Applications amongst India and diverse nations, the better it will be in terms of achievement and positive aspects to our budding ‘global’ managers to be actual and actual international managers.