Crohn’s Colitis, What You Need To Know Day 29&30

Best ‘Quick and Easy’ Healthy Meals
If you want to create a ‘quick and easy’ healthy meal, start with first-class ingredients. Choose fruits and vegetables and fresh fish or lean chicken. Actually, you can even cut out the cooking process and try a raw food diet of fruits, vegetables, and a selection of nuts.
Of course, nobody should ever make a dramatic change to their diet without consulting with their doctor. Obviously, a diet of fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice compared to processed foods. Yet individuals should check with their doctors because sometimes people need different foods (more protein or other) according to their medical conditions.
Many Crohn’s Disease and Colitis sufferers have claimed, however, that a raw food diet helped them. They found that a water fast followed by a regular raw food diet eliminated their uncomfortable symptoms. No doubt, fruits and vegetables are the basis of healthy eating.
The healthiest food is always the fresh and natural option. The nearer a food is to this criteria, the healthier the food. Indeed an added benefit of fresh ingredients is that they usually require hardly any preparation time. Even none at all; consider a vitamin-rich orange or potassium-rich banana!
Usually, required cooking time for fresh ingredients is minimal but, of course, the time will vary from food to food. The healthiest ingredients are at their freshest stage. Try to eat or cook foods at their optimal freshness.
‘Quick and Easy’ Healthy Meals
. Salads
Salads always make a ‘quick and easy’ healthy meal. They require either no cooking or minimal cooking time (if you choose a hot salad). Fresh greens can be combined with lean chicken breast and a touch of fat-free dressing to create a substantial and healthy lunch or dinner.
Spinach goes well with sun-dried tomatoes, vinegar and oil dressing, and your favourite seasonings. Heat the sun-dried tomatoes and add to a bed of baby spinach leaves. The entire meal preparation will take less than ten minutes.
. Fish
Of course, almost all fish can be cooked within ten minutes. A fresh fish and tomato dish can be prepared in no time. Fresh fish can be cooked from three to four minutes and removed from the pan. Add tomatoes to the pan and return the fish to poach in the mixture until the fish is cooked to perfection – maybe another six to seven minutes. BOLA TANGKAS
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