Culinary Operations : A Career Perspective

Culinary Operations focuses on the application and integration of skills developed in preparing the food, serving the food, managing the food, managing the nutrition of the food and presentation of the food in different occassions. The main aspects of culinary operations are like cooking skills, food presentation, table service, management skills and ordering and inventory. In restaurants food is the essence and soul. As backbone of a professional hospitality organization, today’s & tomorrow’s chefs hold the key to a better world.
The Culinary Operations Chef position is a specialized culinary arts position within the Dining Services Department. This position will be responsible for menu development, the test and standardization of recipes, as well as the training of food service staff on related concepts and execution. In addition to menu planning, this position will also be responsible for preparation and quality control of food in a large scale cafeteria setting; direct activity in all aspects of food production will be required.
Since everyone in the world has to eat, the field of culinary operations truly spans the globe. It’s a field where innate passion and creativity are mated to rigorous technique through formal learning. Offering many career options and opportunities for advancement, it’s a field with a world of possibilities for those who educate themselves and enhance their skills.
There is vast potential available in the field of culinary operations as a career. After you have received your degree, chances are excellent you will get a job as a member of a kitchen brigade system. As you gain experience and strength, you will advance. Like other fields, the more experience you gain, the better equipped you will be to apply for similar jobs elsewhere.
Culinary operations participate in all areas of food and beverage related fields. Specific duties will include, preparation and implementation of menu plans, developing menus and recipes for the purpose of maximizing customer satisfaction, Conducts sampling and testing of currently used and new products with Food & Beverage and Purchasing management, keeps abreast of food trends and new products including state-of-the art equipment and technology, drafts and reviews galley plans and maintains and updates all new build and existing Food Operation plans and develops and directs effective training programs, manuals and procedures for galley personnel, both on ships and ashore.
From the future point of view culinary operations is emerging as a new area where one can think of making his/her career. There are institutes coming up with curriculum supporting such operations and providing a full go through education in the field by developing such career orients programs.