Cure Chronic Prostatitis – A Serious and Unexpected Nightmare

The usual questions of an “intelligent” Prostatitis sufferer are often unanswered by the medical establishment:

How did I get this? Why has it taken over my whole life?
I have a number of symptoms, is this Prostatitis problem actually responsible for all of them?
What are the long-term effects on my general health of repeatedly taking antibiotics?
Why are the opinions of my condition so wildly-varying from Doctor to Doctor?
Why, after following all the lifestyle precautions recommended, and taking all the many prescribed medications, am I so many years down the Prostatitis trail, with no improvement?
When will a new drug come out that will end this nightmare?

Few long-term sufferers are prepared for an awful reality. The Law of “Long-term Prostatitis” is that if it is not cured, then it will get worse. For the first 10 or so years, depending on the pathogens involved, although there is no relief, the sufferer’s condition does not usually markedly worsen. Eventually, a second stage is entered… one preceded and accompanied by a weakening immune system, a prerequisite to entering a whole new level of being a Prostatitis sufferer.

Enter stage two… depending on the pathogen(s) and drugs involved, the following have reported by second-stage sufferers:

Drastically worse lower back pain
Similar extensive pain in the shoulders and neck.
Chronic fatigue in all seasons
The above conditions are possibly caused by toxins produced by pathogens, affecting nerves.
Infection spreading out from the perineal area into the lymph system. Nodes are permanently swollen along with swollen extremities.
And more.

The effects of stage two are that the “nuisance” level of pain has now become a serious impediment to general mobility, leading to the spectre of obesity and diabetes. Chronic fatigue has curtailed general work and business plans, leading to many sufferers being unable to afford the high cost of ongoing medical care.

If stage two is not aggressively dealt with, and a cure found, within as little as another 10 years, stage three may usher in a period of acute emergencies resulting from a patient’s, by now, seriously compromised state of general health. So, it is very important that you read below…